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Also, oh my god, I cannot tell you how much better today was than the first day of last session. Everything went smoothly and nobody yelled at or scolded me and I didn't fuck anything up and I just. It is SUCH a relief.

AND I HAVE AN APARTMENT, AND [personal profile] remindmeofthe AND [personal profile] lienne AND [personal profile] innerbrat AND I FINISHED A PLOT, AND OH MY GOD GUYS TODAY HAS JUST BEEN REALLY GREAT SOMEHOW.
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 . . . Oh, if only your hair were longer here, Radha Mitchell, I'd call you Rosie McClendon.

(Also if you didn't spend most of the movie covered in soot, that would help too.)

Naomi Watts is making a decent case for herself, too.

ETA: A lot of these are very green, but I kinda like Melissa George's face. Bonus points for being in The Amityville Horror, so there are icons of her in a horror movie. (Also her eyebrows are dark, which, perfect, because Rosie is really a brownette.)
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You know, I know Sai King doesn't like Rose Madder very much, but I do love it. I keep pondering the idea of RPing Rose, someone in the middle of her canon probably.

It also makes me want to play Alice again, as reading Stephen King often does.
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guys why is the Kushiel series not an HBO miniseries already


("Oh, it is," Joscelin assured her. "That's Drustan mab Necthana!" WAAAAAAAH.)
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The other day I was typing up our script of Antigone -- the Anouilh version, which, if you haven't read, is FULL OF MONOLOGUES, so we're cutting it down.

Me: Do you mind if I make my own judicious edits?

Bosslady: Please do. Just don't add any aliens. Or make it a musical.

Me: How about a TARDIS?

Bosslady: ... I could be convinced.
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Waaaaait wait wait.

Are Sherlock fans getting up in arms about Elementary just because they think it's a rip off?

. . . Did nobody notice Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes coming out before Sherlock and making beaucoup money and no doubt paving the way for Moffat and Gatiss pitching a Sherlock Holmes adaptation?

Has nobody noticed that this is how Hollywood, and indeed most creative media, works? You know, that thing where execs are really leery of spending money on something that's not a sure thing and so once a concept proves it can make money a whole bunch of similar things will inevitably pop up? Does no one remember that time we had all the zombie movies possible because things like Shaun of the Dead started to become hits? Or that time Law & Order hopped over the pond and gave Freema Agyeman a wig?

I mean, is that what's going on here? Or are people ticked off about Elementary for other reasons? Like Watson being a WoC. Please tell me it's not that?
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 God I have so many feelings about so many little details of Batman Begins

ranging from the incredibly shallow (Cillian Murphyyyyyy in your sweater veeeeeeest and your narrow shouldeeeeers and jkljklfdsa Christian Bale your faaaaaace and your aaaaarms)

to the meta (father figures aaaaah)

to the RP considerations (Bruce Wayne hangs out in his house sitting on his floor in his bare feet! why does this fill me with such glee I don't get it. Also, Lucius Fox is taller than Bruce which is hilarious for some reason. And when Bruce is just hanging out with Alfred -- the closest he gets to just being purely himself -- he has this great dry sense of humor. "Well, at least we'll have spares." "Tell them that joke you know.")

(. . . Also there are multiple shots of Christian Bale with a round glowing light on his chest when he's working on the Batcave. Tell me that someone has already used this to make an Iron Batman video.)
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Very much digging this one.

Give me an AU prompt in the comments and I will plot out for you the fic it evokes in my mind.

Come at me, bro.
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[personal profile] adiva_calandia: I almost don't want to actually _watch_ the show at this point
[personal profile] lienne: why not? XD
[personal profile] adiva_calandia: the show I am building up in my head from bits and pieces and clips and fanon is so fucking entertaining
[personal profile] lienne: hahahahaha
[personal profile] adiva_calandia: it's also only four episodes long
[personal profile] lienne: <333
[personal profile] lienne: ...which ones did you delete?
[personal profile] adiva_calandia: because I literally know nothing about Blind Banker or Baskerville
[personal profile] lienne: hahahaha
[personal profile] lienne: Baskerville didn't suck!
[personal profile] adiva_calandia: NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THEM
[personal profile] lienne: Blind Banker... can go.
[personal profile] adiva_calandia: except Blind Banker and then only in the context that it sucks and is orientalist
[personal profile] adiva_calandia: so in my head the show goes
I guess there are spoilers after this point, but probably nothing y'all don't already know. )
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I have another hour to kill at work; it doesn't look like bosslady will be coming in. I'm working on a press release, but I kind of want to be doing something more interesting

So clearly it's time for commentfic, right?

Comment with a couple of characters and a song and I will drabble for you.

My current fandoms include my old standbys -- Young Wizards, Greek mythology, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland in various adaptations, Hamlet, RP -- and right now I am also all about Nolanverse Batman. I'm waaaay behind on most other continuing canons (Doctor Who, Supernatural (because I broke up with them in s5)) but I can always give them a shot!

ETA: Also, am I too late for this meme?

ETA2: So late to the party, but here, have my current headvoice roster.
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How I spent most of the first day of 2012, by Adiva Calandia, aged 23 and 1/6th.

Alfred Pennyworth is a lot of fun to write. So are tabloids.
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Merry Christmas to me!

Other excellent swag: First season of The West Wing, chocolate from Barcelona, strawberry licorice from Australia, and chocolate-almond powder that I'm going to try out in coffee. Yay!

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In which I have a lot of thoughts that boil down to "Screw you, comic book movies are awesome!"
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I'm on 1.07 of Twin Peaks ("Episode Six." So confusing!) and all I can say is I ship Cooper and Harry so hard. Kind of as BFFs but kind of not!

I also find it kind of crazy that anyone cast Sherilyn Fenn and Lara Flynn Boyle in the same show and then give them similar hair color and style. Is the waifish dark-haired high school girl just a late '80s-early '90s thing? Because they both look very much like Winona Ryder in Heathers.
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1684 / 50000

I cheated a little by dropping in a ~300 word chunk from the first draft of the story that I wrote a while ago (because it was three hundred words of very carefully written exposition and fuck it, I'm not going to waste time on rewriting exposition when I could be hurrying ahead to plot), but I'm pretty pleased with myself. :D

Writing Sherlock Holmes as a snarky, sullen 23-year-old is WAY TOO MUCH FUN.
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Heeeeey sports racers. >.>

To my friends who read MS Paint Adventures: I have a hankering to be Jade for Halloween. And it occurs to me that it would be really awesome to have a Rose and a Dave and a John. And it further occurs to me that it would actually be closer to canon to do a group costume with people in other parts of the country/world.

So! Would that be of interest to anybody?
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I have come to the conclusion that what my life really needs is Middleman/Covert Affairs crossover fic.
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. . . Is there Homestuck/Kingdom Hearts crossover fic out there?

Because, dude. That -- that would be amazing. And the more I think about it, the more I think there are some very interesting resonances to explore. (Organization XIII vs the twelve trolls, dreamselves vs Nobodies, Riku vs Dave, the Lands vs the worlds . . .)


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