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Last blog post in Athens:

"Ta leme" -- see you later.

Now excuse me while I keep trying not to cry.
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New blog post: "konta" -- near. One final down; one final paper, two Greek tests, and some packing to go.
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New blog post: "Meteora." GAH that took a long time.
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Three out of six papers done! YESSS.

Tomorrow I got to Meteora! And . . . write papers on the train and try to enjoy the mountains and monasteries in spite of the looming specter of homework, finals, and international travel.
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New blog post: "Mageirevo" -- I cook!

Om nom nom chili. Maybe one of these days I'll be a real foodie.
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Okay, who wants a love note written in Greek?

I will even write IC ones if you want.

(An example:

Αγαπημένη μου Καϊότε,

Γυναίκα μου, με τρελαίνεις. Η καρδιά μου είναι δικιά σου, αλλά πού στον κόσμο είσαι; Μου λείπεις. Παρακαλώ, γυρίζεις στο κρεβάτι μου. Τα φαντάσματα μπορούν να πάνε επίσης, αν θέλεις.

Σε σκέφτομαι,



Dear Coyote,

Wife, you're driving me crazy. My heart is yours, but where in the world are you? I miss you. Please, return to my bed. The ghosts can come too, if you want.

Thinking of you,


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New blog post: "Peloponnisos." An overview of the Peloponnese tour with tons of pictures.
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New blog post: "Greek geek." Yes, I just wrote a post about a Star Trek novel in Greek, and I'm damn proud of it.

Two weeks left in Greece. Two weeks. How did that happen?!
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New blog post: "klopi kai andistrofi metrisi" -- theft and countdown. On superheroes, and things I'm going to miss.
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New blog post: "Strophe and antistrophe" -- or, Epidaurus.
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PSA: I will be leaving Athens tomorrow to tour the Peloponnese for four days, where we'll be seeing . . . *deep breath*


Not in that order, but still.

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New Yesterday's blog post: "Askisi" -- exercise.

I have not yet run a mile today, but by god I will in the evening!
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New blog post: "ena deftero" -- one second.

Nothing exciting, except that I mailed my application to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's apprenticeship program today. Finally.
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New blog post: "To Sabbatokyriako piga . . ." -- This weekend I went . . . Updates on the weekend, especially on cooking, with links to lots of pictures.
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I bought a dress today! It needs some good sandal heels with it. €35 -- I think it'll be worth it.

Pics! )
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New blog post: "to taxidi tou iroa" -- the hero's journey. Adventures in taking cabs, but more importantly, Steven Berkoff's Shakespeare's Villains. And a thunderstorm.

ETA: Oh, duhr, I'm an idiot. And the review of Titus Andronicus as put on by the National Theatre, in Greek, which I never posted.
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OKAY SO. For the final for Ancient Greek History (aka Monuments of Greece), we have to write three five-page essays and one seven-page research paper. One of the options for the essays:[Poll #1565558]
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Highlights from my Ancient Greek History midterm (italics are me, italic redtext is my prof's comments. When he handed it to me he muttered "I was told something like this would happen," which I thought was ominous, but . . .):


Traditionally, ancient history is studied as a series of deeds by dead white males, <-- or white-washed by later white men wanting to legitimize themselves by claiming classical ancestry . . . SLAM DUNK!

[On the battle of Salamis]
(Note that this is the second time the Athenians have used the Persians' numbers against them and forced them into a bottleneck, the first being Thermopylai/Artemision. You'd think Xerxes would catch on at some point.) PUNK'D?

Very occassionally [sic], a student makes me feel like a real, low-down, gutter-souled miser for merely giving her/him maximum points. Thanks, lady, much appreciated.

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New blog post: "sindoma" -- soon. Reflections on having a month left in Greece.
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You know what I'm really, really gonna miss about Greece?

Greek tomatoes. And Greek cucumbers. They just. I. They're. They are the sweetest most delicious vegetables on the planet. You can eat them all by themselves and they're delicious that way, but you throw in some green peppers and onions and a little olive oil and-- mmmf.

*resolves to make herself horiatiki salad at every possible opportunity*


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