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I'm finally catching up on the happenings over at [ profile] ways_back_room, and realizing I have to figure out 1. who all my old Milliways pups are, and 2. who I want to keep, drop, or keep as retired.

Retiring-wise, I think my only retired pups are Guinevere ([ profile] mother_lost) and Guinevere Jennifer ([ profile] still_golden), and since both those ladies were retired in the wake of plot, I want to check with other muns before I let them get freed up. My preference, I think, would be to keep DiR!Guin retired, but I would have no particular objection to another version of Fionavar!Jen showing up. ETA: OH AND EUSTACE. Oh geez. Eustace I am also inclined to keep retired because I love Eustace, but he's also a character who I can see someone else wanting to reboot. D: DECISIONS. Pretendy funtime games are srs emotional business.

So here's the list of Milliways pups, as far as I can recall:

Henry Fitzroy, Blood Books ([ profile] henry_fitzroy)
Nita Callahan, Young Wizards series ([ profile] nita_callahan)
Guinevere, The Dark is Rising ([ profile] mother_lost)
Charles Wallace Murry, L'Engle-verse ([ profile] thisfatefulhour)
Eustace Scrubb, The Chronicles of Narnia ([ profile] deserved_it)
Carmela Rodriguez, Young Wizards series ([ profile] i_grenfelz)
Ann Darrow, King Kong ([ profile] beautiful_ann)
Jennifer Lowell, The Fionavar Tapestry ([ profile] still_golden)
Valerie, V for Vendetta ([ profile] evryinchbut1)
Tom, "Re: My Brains" ([ profile] re_mybrains)
Kim Merrill, Mairelon the Magician ([ profile] cant_kim)
Nirupam Singh, Witch Week ([ profile] un_real_boy)
Epimetheus, Greek mythology ([ profile] 2020sight)
The Queen of Faeries, Tam Lin and others ([ profile] ladye_bright)
Sophie von Teschen, The Illusionist ([ profile] von_teschen)

And that, I believe, is everyone!

I know I'm fine with freeing up Ann (unless you have any objections, Midge?), as well as Valerie, Nirupam, Sophie, and probably the Queen because I just don't have the time or energy to devote to the kind of plot the Queen deserves. It might very well be time to free up Henry at Milliways, too. That would bring my roster down to Nita, Charles, 'Mela, Tom, Kim, and Epimetheus, all of whom I really do want to keep active. Perhaps having the Allpocalypse Move Plot will encourage me to get them all involved again -- I like the idea of the Milliways move being what pulls Tom back into the bar, f'r instance.
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So I'm rereading Mairelon the Magician:

"--and you can take a look at it," Mairelon's voice said.

"Well, that's good news," an unfamiliar voice replied. "What's this Hunch says about you picking up another stray?"

Curiosity kept Kim motionless. "I would hardly call Kim a stray," Mairelon said. "And Heaven only knows what would have happened to her if I'd left her in the streets of London."

"Um. Still trying to make up for Jamie? No, no, I should have mentioned it. . . ."

For you, [ profile] bookelfe. >.>

(Oh man I love these books. *hugs PCW, giggling* Jonathan Aberford is THE BEST. Can I make this into a movie?*)

(*I am certainly not suggesting that people should help me look for PBs fantasy cast the first book. That might imply I was actually going to try and do something with it instead of leaving [ profile] cant_kim to continue to languish in limbo.)
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So I'm hanging out in Seattle, and serendipitously, [ profile] newredshoes was in town and I got to hang out with her and Emmy and a couple local theatre people. Nice! (Esther, I looked up "Big City Life." I'm going to have to watch this show now, aren't I? Damn you!)

I have set up meetings with two more local theatre people whose names I got from my advisor. Double nice!

Feedback for my final papers and final grades are starting to come in. I didn't have the greatest semester -- by which I mean that for once, the B's may match or outnumber the A's, which is really not something I should complain about, but it's coming at a week when I'm already kind of anxious. I don't know whether to blame senioritis or Midsummer. Probably both. Ah, well, not a hell of a lot I can do about it now, and thinking about it makes me even more anxious.

I feel like writing fic (rewatching Middleman has made me crave MM/SPN crossovers) and RPing. Maybe I'll do some actual Milliways EPs! Maybe I'll even figure out what Kim's been up to since I broke her ribs and what Tom's been up to since I shoved him out of the bar. (Actually, I know what Tom's been up to since I shoved him out of the bar, it's just so nightmarish -- literally -- that I feel bad writing it down.)
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New blog post: "Simera pigaino!" -- Today I go! Off to Naxos; back Wednesday.

I also wrote a very mean Nita OOM this morning, but it'll have to wait to be posted until I can do an associated EP. *cheerful* (Jo, Merc? You mentioned having pups who might be willing to help Nita deal with some of her issues, didn't you?)
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From that Daily Entertainment:

Five lives Kim could have led. )

Five things Kim wished she had. )

Five of Tom's plans for after the zombie apocalypse. )
Whee memes.

Ugh, I am very, very hungry, I have a lot of reading I didn't do, and last night I caught my roommate's bad mood after listening to her tale of heartbreak over the unavailable boy she's in love with (I sympathize, I do, I just -- don't know what to do besides nod and make sympathetic noises).

My parents went home at 4 AM this morning, after a week here. It was perfectly wonderful to see them, but I think a week of near-constant contact with them while trying to do schoolwork was about all I could handle. I'm not sure you can say that my work has suffered appreciably -- it's not like I did significantly more reading before they visited than during their visit -- but I am trying to stay on top of things better, and having dinner with them every night made that very difficult.

Still and all. I shouldn't defeat this day before it's even started by grumbling. I'll get dressed and go print stuff out and get breakfast, and then things will go well.

OH. I did look at a really awesome house yesterday, and assuming we can find people to sublet to over the summer, I think we're gonna go for it. HOUSE.


Jan. 5th, 2009 08:03 pm
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Uh. I, uh. MighthaveaburgeoningRichieTozierheadvoice.

("Sure and it's a foine thing when a lad up and moves in loike that. Jaysus Mary and Joseph!")

And now, a meme!

All those questions about RP characters. )
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I would like to register a complaint with someone about this nonsense of my biological clock getting set, over the course of the semester, to wake me up at 7 or 8 AM whether or not:

a) I like it.

b) I have classes.

c) There is a sunrise.

Because seriously, I'm on break and the sun won't be up for hours yet. What the hell.

Yesterday I got my hair cut, as promised, and I think it ended up a little shorter than I really wanted. Oh, well. Give it a few weeks and it'll be perfect. I also got an eyebrow wax, at my hairdresser's recommendation insistence (and with her money, so). I am . . . not sure how I feel about it? It's not a dramatic change, but the skin around my eyebrows feels funny, still.

I'm re-reading my Sherlock Holmes books, preparatory to the release of Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes (tangent: okay, I love RDJ, and what little I've seen Jude Law in, I've loved. But every bone in my Sherlockian body cries out in protest at this five-foot-nine hunk of beefsteak playing this tall, skinny, beaky, intellectually but not physically attractive man. Jude Law may not be perfect, either, but I'd buy him as Holmes a hell of a lot faster than I buy RDJ. I think RDJ would make a brilliant Watson, though). I think I might lobby for a library trip and get out some Stephen King, though; reading the backlog of DT OOMs and briefly discussing It with [ profile] batyatoon has given me a hankering to catch up on what I've been missing, and I don't really feel like trying to reread any of the Dark Tower books themselves at this juncture.

Right; time for some breakfast.

ETA: Didn't manage to find either IT or Just After Sunset; picked up Firestarter to assuage my needs, and Journal of the Plague Year for dramaturgical stuff.
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Hey, [ profile] gao, have you read Passing, by Nella Larsen? It's a novel with a lot about indeterminacy in race and biraciality -- and, if you read it like I do, indeterminacy in sexual identity/orientation. It's a pretty quick read. It keeps making me think of Rose and Susannah.
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[ profile] mercuriazs! I just saw Eurydice!

It took me a minute to figure out why the elevator seemed so familiar. >.>
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[Poll #1230324]And second, a meme:

Comment with a fandom and I'll tell you my...

One True Pairing Ship:
Canon Ship:
"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:
"You are one sick bastard" Ship:
"I dabble a little" Ship:
"It's like a car crash" Ship:
"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
"Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" Ship:
"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
"When all is said and done" Ship:
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So last night was a real mixed bag. I went to a great show called Sway Me, Moon, about . . . well, I couldn't tell you what it was about without a few readings of the script, but it involved two old ladies not in possession of all their faculties, adult children, love, moons, peaches, and the ghost of Dean Martin. Fun and touching.

And then my camera was missing.

And then I discovered that I (and at least one roommate, I think) was being unceremoniously ousted from my room by a group coming in; they didn't know I was going to be in the room, or the housing manager didn't know they didn't know, or something -- not interested in going into the details. That was understandably upsetting; even with the sure knowledge that no one was going to let me go without a roof over my head, and that I had at least two floors I could easily crash on, being told in no uncertain terms by people you've known since you were eight "You need to get out of our room" is no fun.

And my camera was still missing. Is still missing.

Anyway. The upshot is that I'm staying on the floor of a girl I quite like, and who actually makes sure the door is closed and locked when we leave the room, and my roommate who also got kicked out is now sleeping in a hotel, so we both got a decent deal out of it. And though I'm still somewhat upset about being ousted by friends, that situation has -- stabilized, if not resolved. So.

After I'd moved into Christina's room, I went to the bonfire, which was a hell of a bonfire, and that made the evening much better. I ate a lot of marshmallows, I got to watch local celebrities make fools of themselves doing the Footloose dance, I hung out with a lot of cool people, I skipped rocks on the river, I gave some dogs some serious scritchings. I stayed up far too late and decided to skip yoga and the first play reading in favor of sleeping. In spite of lingering upset -- and I really mean in spite of, as in "Screw you, being upset" -- I got myself out of the room and went to the civic center.

I saw most of one really great reading (The Afterlife of the Mind, a dark, disgusting, philosophical, deeply moving story about life, death, love, and brain transplants), and then went to an equally awesome workshop on moving onstage. That really ended up being about awareness of your own body and energy, and it was -- I can't even describe (although I'm willing to try, if anyone asks). It's been a long time since I was asked to do any sort of intense, kinesthetic and visual exercises like those. It felt like being River Tam.

After that, I went to a not-so-great reading that had the advantage of giving me some ideas for [ profile] ladye_bright, and then I came back here rather than go to more readings. I've had too much coffee or something, because I feel a little wobbly. Although that's also probably lingering upset, and the fact that I haven't eaten much today (no appetite).

And, y'know, my camera is still missing.

Other good things about today, though: I'm wearing my CMU Drama shirt, and the guy teaching the movement workshop is from Pennsylvania. We had this instant little bond. That was very cool.

Also, at lunch I got to geeksquee about Angels in America with one of my very good friends, and fantasy-cast an Anchorage production, and quote lines back and forth. And that was hugely fun.
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So, Prince Caspian.

First off, the non-spoilery thing: Oh God I miss Eustace.

Second, the spoilery stuff. )

There's other stuff I could say, probably, particularly about the Telmarines, and about some of the throwaway things (like the centaurs, or everything involving Reepicheep ever, or Susan's wardrobe that I'd like to steal for my own), but it sums up to this:

I would see this again. If for nothing else, I'd see it for the Pevensies, because those four carry it, and they do it unbelievably well. And I am very, very heartened for the future of the series.

ETA: . . . Reading through old Eustace threads in Milliways and [ profile] 2sidesofariver doesn't help me not miss him. And may have possibly made me tear up a couple of times, I miss him so much. Which is rather shocking, but. He was always so consistent. Good old dependable Scrubb, through and through and through.

God. Okay. I should sleep before I get truly weepy over him, because I have to go keep job-hunting tomorrow. And then I can coerce people into threading in [ profile] defy_ka or [ profile] mixed_muses later.

"Haven't you subdued those haybales yet?" "Well, obviously not . . ."
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[ profile] agonistes! I have a VITALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION. Well, two question, actually.

Do you still have Claude Raines?

And can he meet Tony Stark?


I just got my wireless access reinstated. A whole two days before I leave. THANKS, CMU.

Man, now I have no reason at all to leave my room. *amused*
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Ganked from [ profile] metaphor and [ profile] madbonnycaptain:

Ask my characters anything. IC, OOC, OC, fandom, random [ profile] mixed_muses headvoices, past or present -- go nuts.

For reference, I play or have played:

Henry Fitzroy, Nita Callahan (specify current or future, and which future ^_^), Guinevere*, Eustace Clarence Scrubb, Charles Wallace Murry, Valerie, Tom (Re: Your Brains), Nirupam Singh, Epimetheus, Kim Merrill, Jennifer Lowell*, Ann Darrow, Russ Harris, Journey. Random m_m headvoices include Zoe Bell, the Queen of the Fairies, Prior Walter, Matt Ferrell, and Malcolm son of Duncan.

*I FOUND OUT WHY I LIKE EGWENE BEST. I mean, besides the fact that she is, in fact, awesomer than anyone else in the series except possibly Thom Merrilin (OH, HI, I HADN'T NOTICED THAT EITHER, WTF SELF WHEN DID YOU STOP PAYING ATTENTION) and Loial. e-GWAIN al-VEER. NOT SUBTLE, RJ. *giggling* No wonder I briefly considered apping her. Except that the sheer volume of convoluted canon is distressing. But did I mention that she's AWESOME?

*cough* I really need to pick up WoT again. Once I'm done with Lovecraft, maybe.
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So I was looking up ambrosia and nectar in Wikipedia for a tag I was writing this morning, which led me to ichor, which led me to The Dunwich Horror, which led me to the library to pick up some Lovecraft for the hell of it. Yay?

I also picked up some books for the paper I'm gonna be writing. I was originally gonna do it on pirate kangaroo courts, but I'm not sure I know where to look for resources on that, so I'm gonna go back to my original idea of exploring how thieves' cant and other slang worked as a method of separating the socially deviant underworld from the rest of society. Which sounds so much better than "I'm using this paper as an excuse to learn thieves' cant for a character I roleplay online," doesn't it?

I need to make a Milliways post about zombies later, but I have to write this paper proposal and work out first.

Man, I already miss working on MacB. *sadface* It was so nice to feel involved in theatre again.

So I have this theory about all these classic rock songs from Supernatural. The rhythm of them fundamentally implies motion; they're all in very steady 4/4, at a pace that very often equals a brisk walking pace, at least for me. I'm not sure if my legs are just exactly the right length or what, but if I listen to them while walking, I'm pretty much always stepping on the beat.
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aaaaaaagh so sick of analyzing macbeth and i still have another page to write

send help

and drabble ideas

want to write more fun stuff not dumb analysis :( have ideas for nita and epimetheus and kim and tom and a dream sequence for valerie and would much rather be writing those than papers

tangentially why is it that old big band love songs fit a character from 2018 best?

possibly i should have a tag for these weekend spam posts that just boil down to "I HATE WRITING PAPERS"
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[ profile] newredshoes, I have a VITALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION.

If I let the unicorns take Epimetheus' kidney, would that be really, really bad?

(I mean, let's face it, he would totally fall for it. Or at least he would be like "UNICORNS. :DDDDD SURE LET'S GO GUYS.")
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Two of my classes this week are focusing on pirates. One is showing some portion of Pirates of the Caribbean in class, and in the other, we were watching National Geographic's docudrama on Blackbear, which pretty clearly rips stuff off from PotC, which is hilarious.

HAHAHAHARRR. Did I mention I love my schedule?

Also, as long as I'm mentioning the Pirates Pickpockets and Prostitutes class, I feel I should point out that I stole stuff from Moll Flanders for Kim's last OOM, and for at least one of her pickpocketings in Milliways. Which just makes me ridiculously gleeful.

--Dude, someone should app Moll to Milliways. It'd be awesome. She and Saffron could battle over husbands!


Mar. 20th, 2008 01:02 pm
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I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I knew given enough time this would happen.

I HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE UNREGISTERED. I can't register to vote in PA, I'll lose my student loans and my permanent fund dividend. And I guess if I can't find someone unregistered, I'll have to show up at 4:45 and wait around afterwards and try to get a picture and be like "HI, ZACHARY QUINTO. Will you sign this thing for my friend (formerly) at UPitt who couldn't be here today? :DDDD ALSO HERE HAVE A PAPER PENGUIN."

Or something along those lines. FUCK, I DON'T KNOW. HOLY CRAP, GUYS.

Suddenly every cool thing in the WORLD is happening at once. Kate Bornstein is gonna be at UPitt next week; I was just told today about the Rhodopi Theatre Collective, which creates theatrical pieces based on myths every summer in the mountains of Bulgaria, around Thrace; I'm trying to make mp3s to audition for Buffy Between the Lines; and ZACH QUINTO is going to be here tomorrow. I just. Holy crap.

And I don't have work this afternoon, so I have a few hours where I can either do fun stuff or responsible stuff, or both!, while I have energy.


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