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happiness at the fortunes of others

Happy Thanksgiving and happy Thursday.

I am going to make another pot of coffee and do some writing.
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 I told myself I was going to stop stalking through the links pointing to my Crypticon post because I was getting stressed out about it, but finding people quoting the passages I'm most proud of is pretty satisfying.

But I'm going to stop stalking now, for real, because it does stress me out.

Hello the Internet! I am very very tired; it took me a long time to get sleepy last night, for some reason. I had several vivid and somewhat cathartic dreams this morning, one about an animated movie being made about an Alaska Native girl that moved me to tears, and one in which I was talking about the idea of a website called Anchorpoint or Anchor Point (which is a town in Alaska -- I must be homesick). The general idea seemed to be a website where people could collect positive experiences and happy thoughts or pictures to revisit when their moods swung down.

I am generally feeling very positive about this summer in general, but it's been a weird, long, intensely busy week, with plenty of good personally but some real bad locally and the usual stressors globally.

To stay on a positive note, though, tomorrow I'm selling pies at a D-Day event, and then going to a live zom-rom-com, and then on Sunday is the FIVE-HOUR-LONG live adaptation of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay at Book-It and I'm so freaking excited. I gotta track down that commentary about Captain America and K&C that was going around and read it before Sunday.
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I wrote a very long thing about Crypticon, and being a woman, and sexism and misogyny, and UCSB, and fear, and I'm tired now.
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 "I'll just make a really quick point about Captain America 2 and its place in the larger MCU!"


"Yeah, that's a 'mini-review.' Sure. Totally."
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Creative endeavors worth checking out: my friends' webseries, my friends' national tour, and my ballet.

I draw y'all's attention to the PigPen tour in particular, because I know for certain that their style of music would appeal to many of you, and they're hitting most every part of the country in the next six weeks, so you will never have a better chance to see them. (They covered "The Weight," guys, something I had been thinking about suggesting to them just a month ago, and it was SO GOOD, I am so happy about everything)
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Review: "Song of Spider-Man"

I feel like I should thank all the people who put up with me shrieking incoherently and posting bits of this nonsense book on Tumblr, but especially thanks to Becca and Debi for making it possible for me to read this book in the first place.
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Floating, 2/12/14 [photo]

Vengeance, the Night, and Feeling Like A Fake Fan: A longish and somewhat self-indulgent meditation on comics, gatekeeping, and Batman. I'm reeeeally tired today so this is not as coherent as I'd like it to be, I think, but that's okay. Maybe I'll return to the theme sometime.
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Bloggity blogging!
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Bloggity blogging:

Frozen fractals all around [photos]

The Power of YET! [video]

You have nothing to fear: Welcome to Night Vale West Coast Tour [just what it says on the tin -- photos, links, plus some thoughts on Night Vale and optimism vs. existentialism in general.]
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1273 words written already today in what Chez Coffee is calling JaNoWriMo!

I'm not entirely keeping up with my 1000 words a day goal -- well, I might be, but it's such a goddamn hassle to count words in RP threads. But I feel good about what I'm writing!
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My thoughts on Frozen can be found here!

Also in case you didn't know, my sister is the coolest. (Because she's an ice scientist. Ah? Ah? See what I did there?)

Okay it is time for me to get the hell out of bed and go spend this Starbucks gift card.

(Did I spy an Elsa in a sandbox a while back? Is that something I could still jump in on?)
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Was I awake at 7:30 on New Year's Day just so I could look at Yuletide reveals? Maaaaaybe.

First off, I want to rec my gifts again now that I know who to thank!

All These Gliding Ghosts (3578 words) by shinobi93
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hamlet - Shakespeare
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Horatio (Hamlet), Ophelia (Hamlet), Hamlet
Additional Tags: Magical Realism, Ghosts, Underworld - Freeform, Canon Compliant, Canonical Character Death, Yuletide
Summary: When the ghost of the old king appears at the castle, he is not alone. Soon, it is down to Horatio and Ophelia to stop these spirits from terrorising Hamlet and Elsinore, but the stakes are high and tragedy has a strange way of defying anyone's efforts to the contrary.
Still, they will battle on regardless, even if it takes them to the edges of their sanity…or the Underworld.

My original request was for a magical realist Hamlet story, and I'm still so delighted by the way [ profile] shinobi93 folds a fantastical story into the standard plot of the play.

Out of the Clutch of Chaos (1546 words) by astralis
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Tam Lin - Pamela Dean
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Janet Carter/Thomas Lane
Characters: Janet Carter, Thomas Lane, Lily Carter
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Pregnancy, Yuletide Treat
Summary: Janet wakes on Christmas morning struck by the strangeness of her situation.

[ profile] astralis notes that the title of this fic comes from The Lady's Not For Burning, which made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Because as it turns out, a ghostly Hamlet and a post-canon Thomas and Janet make for a nice trio with the one fic I wrote for the archive:

The Soldier's Not for Leaving (2303 words) by adiva_calandia
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Lady's Not For Burning
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jennet Jourdemayne/Thomas Mendip
Summary: 1400, more or less, and a day later, to be precise.

The soldier, the lady, and her dog watch the moon rise. Because there is life beyond the pyre -- but it's going to take work, and time, and love, to keep it going.

A helpful spell might not go amiss, either, if the right one comes along.

It's like a Tam Lin triple-play!

SO this is one of my favorite things I've ever written, and I cannot thank [personal profile] fahye enough for giving me the chance to write it, because I've always wanted to write something about The Lady's Not for Burning but could never unlock it until she requested Jennet as an actual witch. I was pretty fucking intimidated by the canon, though -- Christopher Fry's poetry is well nigh inimitable -- and by the recipient, because I know of old that Fahye's writing is awesome and rich and complex and beautiful and I didn't want to fuck this up for her.

My betas, [personal profile] newredshoes and [personal profile] mercuria and [personal profile] batyatoon (and college roomie), all were instrumental in making sure I didn't fuck up, and I can't thank them enough. (Especially Esther and Merc, who were very patient with me as I fancast (Tom Hiddleston for Thomas, Anne Hathaway for Jennet) and read scenes from the original play aloud and forced them to watch the 1987 Kenneth Branagh production which is TERRIBLY paced and shot and aggressively '80s BBC but features a beautiful performance from Branagh.)

I also want to point out, delightedly, that this isn't the only TLNfB fic in the archive this year -- there's also Accessory After the Fact, a very sweet look at Thomas and Jennet dealing with pregnancy with a beautiful final line.

Seriously, though, it was like all Tam Lin canons all the time up in here and I loved it.
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 I DID IT I finished my Yuletiiiiiide and now I can think about something else.


At least I can stop editing it. Right?
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 Bloggity blogging:
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My new favorite thing I've written in this year's NaNo is the "The Scrolls of Pythia say" scene:

“But where does it say that John is the Channel?” Anika asks.

“Lemme see.” Larry pulls the book back momentarily. “I mean, besides the fact that he can read text that’s been untranslated by the rest of the world for like three centuries… Here.” He gives the book back to John. “Start here.”

John swallows, licks his lips, and starts reading.

One from the-- empire, struck down by the-- I have no idea what that word is.”

“‘Apple,’” Hyarith supplies.

“...You are fucking kidding me,” Anika says. “That book does not fucking predict you working at Microsoft.”

“Sorry, hon,” Larry says, spreading his hands. “It really fucking does.”

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 In spite of the fact that I probably won't quite make my daily word-count (I'm only 500 words away, but ... ehhhhhh), I feel like I was really pretty productive in terms of writing today! I did some work on my Yuletide assignment, which I'm starting to think actually may not suck, and got through some good scenes in the NaNovel, and even snuck a blog post, a smidge of RPing, and the beginning of an idea for a Shakespeare Deleted Scene to work on post-NaNo.

Plus I went for a run, which was preeeeetty terrible as runs go because it was COLD and RAINY and ugh ugh ugh. Just not feeling it. I may need new music.
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Business on the Wayne: Gotham's princess opens up about fame, family, and the future
Ten years ago, if you saw the name “Roberta Wayne” in print, it was almost certainly emblazoned across the cover a gossip magazine and paired with speculation about what -- or who -- Gotham’s most famous wild child was doing after sunset. Theoretically in her junior year of college, Wayne was a paparazzo's dream and a parent’s nightmare, spotted night after night at parties and clubs, trying on Ivy League schools like a fashionista at a boutique, rumored to be dating everyone from B-list celebrities to her professors.

One year later, Wayne returned to Gotham to attend the high-profile appeal of the man who murdered her parents -- and then disappeared so thoroughly for nearly a decade that she was presumed dead. Her reappearance two years ago after her seven-year absence was hailed as a much-needed miracle for Wayne Enterprises. Her prompt return to her playgirl ways, though, was a godsend only for the tabloids.

Wayne laughs off questions about her college years these days, although her laughter isn’t without a bitter edge. “It was impossible not to get caught in a compromising position those days. A photographer signed up for one of my classes once to try and get pictures of me. Joke’s on him, I never went.”
Consider this as 25% stand-alone fic and 75% Bryce OOM.

Llllllllol I am not gonna get another thousand words on NaNo done tonight. WHOOPS. At least I finally have this out of my system.
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Soooo does anyone want to beta-read a 3000 word essay on Alaska, nature's propensity for killing people, and Christopher McCandless?
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ghjkjlkfdsa the angry post I started this morning for my real-person blog about Christopher McCandless and Alaska-as-eldritch-force-I-mean-what is over 2000 words long

but have I written anything on my NaNovel


good thing I got ahead of the game last night -____-


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