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My sister, tonight:

"Man, I can't wait to read your memoirs about working on every food truck in Seattle and going to every poet party."
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Come home from writing group to find a dude asleep in the hallway;

while talking to him, spot another tenant poking her head out the door down the hallway, who shrugs when I make eye contact with her, just as bemused as I am;

call the building manager, who tells me to call the cops;

while on the phone with 911, discover that the dude has vanished;

hang up after the 911 operator says, blithely, “oh! Well, call back if he comes back.”

(Find myself very jumpy when the building manager knocks on the door some little time later to check and see what happened.)

ETA: OH, but on the plus side, I broke 35,000 words on NaNo at the write-in. \o/! Hypothetically that means I could slack off down to 1500 words a day for the next ten days!

And, you know. Spend those extra 100 words on Yuletide, or something.
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I have come to the reluctant conclusion that as much as I enjoy shooting zombies in the head and yelling obscenities in a Texan accent at the TV, I should probably stop playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare for the sake of my sleep patterns. That, or I need to only play it early in the day and follow it up with something delightful and distracting before bed. (Middleman rewatch time? . . .)
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You know, the first half of 2012 was pretty rough in a lot of ways. I started anti-anxiety meds. I had more than one meltdown in spite of them. I was often hard on myself, because someone was being hard on me. I -- and all of Anchorage -- lost someone beautiful to suicide.

But I made it through. And in September, I walked four hundred miles to Santiago. And in October, I moved to a new city. And in November, I wrote a novel. And in December, I worked.

And today, I finally got myself a bookshelf and finished unpacking my books, and strung up my little Christmas lights (only a week late!), and my itty-bitty living space feels like home.

This picture cleverly hides the pile of un-put-away clothes I'm sitting on.

For those of you on this side of the world, where it's still December 31st, I hope that your night tonight is warm and safe and full of light and laughter. And for all of you, no matter where or who you are, I hope that 2013 is good to you. I hope that 2013 sees you home.
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Me: I didn't have an actual dinner. I had beer and cookies.

Roommate Zoidberg: ...


Roommate Zoidberg: YEAH.
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I'm so tired, but I am terribly excited because TONIGHT I GET [personal profile] ladysingsthe IN MY APARTMENT AND NEXT WEEK I GET [personal profile] newredshoes.

And I got a temp assignment so I am MAKING THE MONEYS AGAIN.
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 I was having trouble sleeping already, and then around 2:30 I woke up because some group of people was having an obnoxiously loud conversation on the sidewalk outside. I lay there and listened for a little while, wondering if I should open a window and tell them to quiet down, and finally realized that there was a girl in the group telling her friend in no uncertain terms that he could not drive home, he was not sober, and he was going to have to spend the night at a friend's house.

I wasn't really sure what to do, but I got up and watched the rest of the conversation from the window like a creeper. One girl, two guys, shortly joined by a third from the building next door. A few minutes ago they finally wandered off, with Mr. DUI-In-Waiting proclaiming that he wanted a latte and then taking off his belt to show it off to the others. Both of the other men seemed disinclined to let him stay at their places, although there did seem to be a reluctant consensus that Mr. DUI was too drunk to drive.

What's the appropriate thing to do here? I guess if I had seen him getting behind the wheel of a car, I would have or should have called the police to let them know that there was a clearly impaired driver in my neighborhood. But other than that . . . is there anything more I could have or should have done, besides keep an eye on them while they were causing a ruckus under my window?

ETA: They just came back, and Mr. DUI seemed considerably more sober and drove off. Keep your fingers crossed. >.<
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 I spent mmmmmost of today playing Arkham City, after doing some work* this morning and taking a break to watch the debate in the evening.

I regret nothing~

Well, not entirely true, my eyes are a little fried from staring at screens all day. Tomorrow I will do non-screen things like laundry and cooking.

*DID I MENTION I AM EMPLOYED. Freelance not-even-part-time employed, but employed and doing something I am actually interested in and enthusiastic about! A family friend, who's "a noted molecular physicist" according to her website's bio, is composing and producing a ballet adaptation of Dante's Inferno, and has hired me to do website and Kickstarter design. The conversation about getting paid was great, because I said cheerfully, "This is so cool, I'd do it for free!" and she responded with "What? I'm sorry, what? You're not doing it for free." Thank you, Glenna, for saving me from myself.
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 Scenes from Chez Coffee is for Closers, starring me and Roommate Zoidberg.

Adiva: jkjklfdsa *laughing hysterically*
Adiva: so I'm downloading TDKR
Merc: yiiiis?
Adiva: and my torretn client keeps telling me I can stream it, so I keep trying to stream it, but it always ends up freezing
Adiva: but this time I got it to stream up through Bane's first few lines before it froze
Adiva: at which point [Zoidberg] poked his head into the living room and went
Adiva: ". . . Are you watching The Dark Knight Rises?"
Adiva: "Because I was sitting in my room and went 'Wait, I know that voice . . .'"
Adiva: And then we started talking about the movies and I said I'd only seen it once which is CLEARLY not acceptable
Adiva: and he pointed out that it's actually pretty much the same movie as The Dark Knight
Adiva: "Only Bane knows that the first movie happened!"
Adiva: "It's like if you bred the first two movies, you'd get Dark Knight Rises."
Merc: sfdlkfjlksdfj
Adiva: Me: "The thing is all of Nolan's movies are like that! Like, if you look at them too closely -- they're not very well written. It's a damn good thing Aaron Eckhart is as good an actor as he is, because otherwise his lines would just sound ridiculous. But they're so good thematically!"
 Adiva: [Zoidberg]: "Yeah, it's a great concept to do all three of them like that, it's just that they're all kind of the same movie."
Adiva: "It's like -- it's like a symphony!"
Adiva: "It's like the Goldberg Variations!"
Adiva: "That's it, Nolan is Bach, it all makes so much sense now."

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 Watching Roommate Zoidberg play Arkham City is almost as good as rewatching the Nolan films to get Bryce back in my brain. *happy* Hugo Strange! Snarky Alfred! Selina! And the whole completely ridiculous and quintessentially Gotham idea of "let's just put all the gangs in the city into the middle of the city, I'm sure that will work out perfectly well."

ETA: Also wow this is a kinky game. "I'm sorry I've been a bad kitty. Untie me and I'll make it up to you." I mean, not that anyone is surprised when Catwoman is kinky, but when Two-Face yells "Batman needs to be punished!" it's getting to be a little much, surely.


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