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1. New blog post: "mama ke babas," or, my parents are in Athens!

2. Roomie is getting PUBLISHED in a book of critical essays on Dollhouse. She wrote an essay on the different ways Joss constructs masculinity with Topher, Alpha, and Paul. In other words: ACADEMIC BADASSERY, RIGHT HERE. BUY THIS BOOK.
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--Goddammit, Firefox and Hulu in partnership just crapped out on me again, but let me say this about Dollhouse 2.12 before I restart:

Minor spoiler for The Hollow Men )

Also, am I the only person who thinks this episode's title sounds creepily like something out of The Dark Tower?
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So![ profile] bookelfemade a post of "some TV ladies who are both a.) completely awesome and b.) not white." I like this idea!

As I commented, though, I'm having some trouble thinking of awesome ladies of color in the shows I watch. Which really, when you think about it, makes this post more important. Sure, partly that reflects the fact that I just don't watch that much TV -- but it also reflects the fact that a lot of shows have either one awesome lady of color, or none at all.

So here's my list of awesome ladies, and then I think I'll tack on some awesome gentlemen.

These ladies are going to kick your ass with awesome and you're going to love it. )

There may be more to be added to this post, and there will be one later of awesome gentlemen on these shows who are not white. Who would you add to this list?

ETA1: A few more!

America's Next Top Model. )

ETA2: And one more!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Things aren't perfect. That's why I'm making this post.
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So last night, hanging out with BFF one more time before she goes to France and I go to Pittsburghh, we were like "Let's watch an episode of Buffy!" And BFF was like "I have seasons 1 and 5 on DVD. Pick an ep."

So we looked at Wikipedia and I was like "Well, I know 'The Body' is really good, but I don't feel like watching that the last night I'm hanging out with my BFF for MYRIAD reasons. *scroll up* *scroll down* *scroll up* Oooh, hey, the episode with Warren's robot girlfriend! Let's watch that!"

So we did! And we were like "omg Nicholas Brendon is so cute even when his hair is AWFUL" and "jkjlfda James Marsters" and "jkjfkdsa Anthony Stewart Head" and "hahaha she threw Spike through a window" and "wtf Ben?" and it was great.

And then the last five minutes or so, of Buffy and April on the swings, were "..... shut up I'm not sniffling."

AND THEN there was "Oh, right, we forgot, 'The Body' is the VERY NEXT EPISODE so guess what the final image of the episode is?"

Screw you, Joss.

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--Wait a minute, this guy has been at the conference all week. As a playwright. A really good playwright. (If bizarre; his contribution to the final night of the Fringe Festival last night was about two guys watching "Two Girls One Cup" while snorting lines of Adderall.) I wonder if there's a discreet way to go up to him and go "OMG OMG YOU WERE ON DOLLHOUSE? OMG IS ELIZA DUSHKU AS HOT IRL AS ON SCREEN. I MEAN YEAH OBVIOUSLY SHE IS BUT OMG."

(I am not going to do that. I should make sure I compliment him on his overnighter script at some point, though.)

Huh. Man. Lot more famous people here this year than I realized.
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Stuff from the last week or so:


2. I am done with all of my papers, and most of my grades are in! One surprise B and one totally expected B, thus far (and a somewhat unexpected A). *further victory arms*

3. The weather in Anchorage has been unbelievably gorgeous -- sunny and in the mid-to-high 60s (up until yesterday, when it poured rain all morning, but hey).

4. Now that all my papers are done, I have to start in on the daunting task of clearing out my bookshelves. I am forcing myself to face the fact that honestly, I am not going to re-read a good twenty percent of the books on my shelves, and unless there are truly pressing sentimental reasons to keep them (I may never re-read Am I Blue?, but like hell am I getting rid of it) they should probably go.

ETA: 5. Have not seen the last two episodes of SPN yet. Feeling . . . oddly disinclined to fix this, though I probably will at some point.


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