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Business on the Wayne: Gotham's princess opens up about fame, family, and the future
Ten years ago, if you saw the name “Roberta Wayne” in print, it was almost certainly emblazoned across the cover a gossip magazine and paired with speculation about what -- or who -- Gotham’s most famous wild child was doing after sunset. Theoretically in her junior year of college, Wayne was a paparazzo's dream and a parent’s nightmare, spotted night after night at parties and clubs, trying on Ivy League schools like a fashionista at a boutique, rumored to be dating everyone from B-list celebrities to her professors.

One year later, Wayne returned to Gotham to attend the high-profile appeal of the man who murdered her parents -- and then disappeared so thoroughly for nearly a decade that she was presumed dead. Her reappearance two years ago after her seven-year absence was hailed as a much-needed miracle for Wayne Enterprises. Her prompt return to her playgirl ways, though, was a godsend only for the tabloids.

Wayne laughs off questions about her college years these days, although her laughter isn’t without a bitter edge. “It was impossible not to get caught in a compromising position those days. A photographer signed up for one of my classes once to try and get pictures of me. Joke’s on him, I never went.”
Consider this as 25% stand-alone fic and 75% Bryce OOM.

Llllllllol I am not gonna get another thousand words on NaNo done tonight. WHOOPS. At least I finally have this out of my system.
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Hey, I did a thing!

I may add some location-specific threads under there, but for the most part it is just there to be sandboxed in.
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Insofar as I tend to end up pretending that one day I'll tag that thread back . . . for sure . . . in a minute . . .

Popping up to say mea culpa to people who have languishing slowtimes with me. It's not been a great week focus-wise and this next week is unlikely to get better. If you want to keep those slowtimes open in the hopes that I'll regain my focus/headvoices, and with the understanding that I'll be glacially slow, I'm down! Also down for fades, handwaving, and finding a rapid wrap.

Let me know, and perhaps one day I will be able to, like, finish a thread again.
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Marathoning Hannibal. SHOOOOOOOW.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't marathoning in the hopes of getting a Will Graham headvoice back. It's so weird -- Hugh Dancy's Will is distinctly different from Edward Norton's and in many ways distinctly different from the book, although you can see how he may end up as one or another of those Wills. And I LOVE Hugh Dancy's Will, for so many reasons, but he hasn't settled into my head the way Norton's did.

(Tangentially, I think the best fanon I've seen in the kinkmeme is Will being FTM trans. Something about that feels really right, and really fascinating for the character. Not something I'd probably do in RP -- maybe as an AU -- but something I love in fic.)

Anyway. SHOW. Shoooooooow I love this show it's so pretty it's so well-done in every way.
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Debi asked me for Bryce/Maggie, with "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through" for inspiration!

This ended up as more of a sketch than a real fic, but it gave me an excuse to write ladies cuddling, so I'm pleased.

I know you've got the ashes to prove it )
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Also, oh my god, I cannot tell you how much better today was than the first day of last session. Everything went smoothly and nobody yelled at or scolded me and I didn't fuck anything up and I just. It is SUCH a relief.

AND I HAVE AN APARTMENT, AND [personal profile] remindmeofthe AND [personal profile] lienne AND [personal profile] innerbrat AND I FINISHED A PLOT, AND OH MY GOD GUYS TODAY HAS JUST BEEN REALLY GREAT SOMEHOW.
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You know, I know Sai King doesn't like Rose Madder very much, but I do love it. I keep pondering the idea of RPing Rose, someone in the middle of her canon probably.

It also makes me want to play Alice again, as reading Stephen King often does.
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jkljklfdsa oh my god [personal profile] remindmeofthe [Unknown site tag] if Bryce had any idea how many people Jim had killed she would beat him to shit on principle.

(I'm mostly sober by now but I drank a loooot tonight)


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