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Saw Where the Wild Things Are at the midnight premiere. This is the result. I don't think it's particularly spoilery for anything -- there's only a very little bit of the new information from the movie, so if you've read the book, you should be good.

And then they made me their king. )
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[ profile] daniidebrabant:

Thank you thank you thank you for World War Z. It has made wandering through the airport much more bearable and will probably help with the upcoming 7-hour plane ride. :D

Unrelatedly, new self-portrait default icon courtesy dormmate Jessica, the photographer, and [ profile] lienne, the iconner.

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In my and my roommate's never-ending struggle to make fun of Twilight as much as possible . . .

Do I dazzle you? )

>.> La la la.
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Iconses! Lyrics from "Closing Time" and "Devil By My Side," with a Milliways bent.

Believe in sex and love in a dangerous time )

And some in a similar vein I made a while back.

Dum de doo. *likes making icons*
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Iconses! It's been a while.

Handporn, + one poetry. )
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First, an icon:

Next . . . this takes some explanation. )
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A ton of icons about death.

*rueful* This is how I deal. Am also taking requests, if there are poems or lines you'd like to see iconned.
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Hey gang! Remember this?

Well, campaign season is moving into full swing (because America's crazy like that), so clearly it's time for some new campaign icons!

Coffee Party

Tea Party

Remember -- vote for caffeine and wake up the system.
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You can always tell when I'm not doing enough with myself because I make about a zillion LJ posts in a day to keep myself entertained.

Or I make things like this:

Or this one:


. . . Yeah.

*eyes readings* Ugh. I should go back to Kiva Han or something to do the rest of my work, so I don't have my computer right here to distract me.
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There is currently a massive, massive recall of multiple brands of wet pet food, for both cats and dogs, due to cases of kidney failure and death.

[ profile] twistedchick has the details here. The post includes links to the companies' official announcements, as well as brand names. (My mother pointed out that it's mainly the expensive types of food -- our cheap Costco-bought stuff is safe -- but make sure you check anyway.)

The recall affects wet foods in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Dry food is not recalled -- but a LOT of wet foods, both canned and pouched types, are.

Spread the word.

In other news, happy St. Paddy's!

In other other news, GIP. :D
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Possibly no one will get this icon in its entirety, but it makes me smile.

mmmmmmm, Hugh Laurie and Paul Gross.
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*hums* I feel the icon-making muse hitting again. Anyone have any requests? I would love to do another set like this or this, but I need source poetry. Of course, the Song of Amergin has at least two more stanzas I could draw from . . .

Anyway. Any requests? Characters? Themes? Poetry? I'll do fandom icons, but of course it has to be a fandom I'm familiar with.
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So, uh. Have been making icons of redheaded men. And if they tend to be of the young, handsome, and in black business suits variety, well, it's probably coincedence.

Icons! )

This "post pictures to your journal" dealie is kind of cool.
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A while back, I asked for poetry to inspire my icon muse. And then I put that off for a loooong time.

But now!

For Merc -- I Knew A Woman )

For Lorna -- The Windhoven )

As ever, gankable with proper credit. Commenting makes me happy.
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More hand icons, with a pretty obvious theme.

1. 2.
Light in your hand )

And one that I just had to make when I saw the picture:
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GIP! Have overhauled my icons. Well, most of them.

Also, I've indulged my hand-fetish and made some generic icons. Gank as you please, customize if you wish, credit appropriately.

Hands )
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. . . that my sister rolled a car? She's okay. So're her boyfriend and the kid riding with them. Just, y'know. My sister rolled a car.

. . . that I got to be a Real Alaskan yesterday and haul logs across the backyard?

. . . that I'm going to be working on the Doogan for House campaign?

. . . that I finished re-reading A Ring of Endless Light for the first time in almost ten years? I nearly cried at the end, because I definitely didn't remember any of that. And I was vaguely shocked that only her grandfather really called her on the fact that Zachary was practicing abusive behavior. (Also, I think Leo may be Charles' roommate at college.)

. . . that I'm re-reading Wolves of the Calla?

. . . that I got my room cleaned and got rid of several trash-bags-full of clothes?

. . . that you guys make my life brighter? Just, y'know. Randomly. I feel it should be said sometimes.

Also, new icon.
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Okay, so. I just realized.

My first hour teacher has given us permission to skip on Wednesdays, as long as we don't get her in trouble for it. My second hour on Wednesdays is either counseling group or Physiology with Philip.

My fourth hour is open (okay, it's Band. Same dif, really).

My fifth hour is Government, and since I'm supposed to be working on a campaign (just sent off an e-mail to get in touch with the Doogan for House people), I'm not expected in school.

Which means that Wednesdays I can sleep late and leave after fifty minutes. Fridays I can't sleep late, but I can leave after 10:15.

And Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Lit classes all day.

I have the best. Schedule. EVER.

Except that the homework sucks. But look at all this free time I have in which to do it! Boring homework is the least of my worries. I am ridiculously pleased about this. (That may be the caffeine talking, but.)

In unrelated news, I feel like making icons. Reccomend me some poetry and I'll icon it for you.


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