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Birthdate:Oct 14
Location:United States of America
"You've probably heard us tossing around the term ghost light. What is a ghost light for? ... To give light in a dark theater, right. That's what dramaturgs do. We go into the dark places to get information, like shamans."
--Doc (Dr. Chemers)

"My heart is in the work."
--Andrew Carnegie

"When people ask me what I did that's onstage, I say, 'That puddle of blood in the middle of the stage -- that's me.'"
--Mark Bly

"You are a hippie. You're a flower child born in the '90s."

"Who here watches Buffy?"
*raises hand*
"Oh, she would."
--Guest lecturer, me, classmate

"Look at that buff little girl! Like a pocket Hercules."

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My big/serious writing projects live on [info]travelwright.
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