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So, the dealio -- my computer is in the shop for 2-4 weeks. Dad has graciously allowed me to use his in the mornings and evenings, when I'm at home, and the parentals are talking about buying me one of those mini-laptops if I don't get my own computer back before we head for the Lower 48 at the end of the summer. (Any suggestions from the f-list on that kind of thing?)

Obviously that's going to limit my availability online for a while, but I've been scarce for long enough that I doubt most folks will be bothered; I don't have any time-sensitive plans with anyone, I think.

In health news, I still feel rather feverish, but overall I feel better today than I did yesterday or Sunday.

In show news -- the light cues are all programmed*, and I'm working on music cues. That's good. One of my actors was diagnosed with flu -- possibly H1N1 -- and has been quarantined for seven days. That's bad. I have asked a kid I worked with last year to take a look at the part and see if he can handle jumping in at the last minute, and he seemed reasonably interested. That's good (I like him a lot, and he memorizes in a snap). My Petruchio this morning was awful. That's bad. My Petruchio this afternoon, after I gave everyone an hour to run lines together (and put him together with the much more prepared Kate, who is concerned about sharing scenes with him where he doesn't know his lines) was MILES better. That's utterly phenomenal. He was nearly word-perfect on speeches he hadn't been getting for a week. While I would have liked to see it a week ago, I'm happy to see it now. Better once than never, for never too late.

And that's all the news that's fit to print from up here. I feel kinda crappy, so I'm gonna start burning CDs and then go to bed early again, I think.

*The technical director for this company and I work really well together. It's awesome. He keeps raving about how low-maintenance I am, and I should really be raving more about how easy he makes everything. "Can I have [x]?" "Sure!" Love it.
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Whoof. I think I rode out the fever, and hopefully burned out whatever gave me the fever in the first place. My sinuses are still gross, and I'm still coughing, but I feel a lot better about life.

Of course, I still haven't programmed any light cues and for all I know my lead still doesn't know all his lines, but all will be well and all will be well and all manner of things will be well. "How?!" "I don't know. It's a mystery."
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Oh hells no, cold/flu thing that has been making the rounds of the summer camp. You've taken down two of my cast members and I saw you gunning for a third, not to mention all the folks in Guys & Dolls and the others shows. You are NOT getting your claws in me. *guzzles tea and Sudafed and Tylenol and goes to bed early*

Sorry I didn't get to see you more today, [ profile] ghost_light! I'm sure we'll run into each other on a break over the next week.

Long day. Long, long day. Hanging lights was fun, though.
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You know it's going to be a tough day when you have to go sit in a corner for five minutes to calm down and keep from crying, and it's not even 9:15 yet.

It was a tough day. It was mostly the Diva's fault, although some blame goes to the universe for giving my Petruchio the flu.
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So I spent the morning in an inspirational seminar conducted by Agent Aaron Pierce of 24. (Also known as Glenn Morshower, for those of us, like me, who don't actually watch 24; also also known as one of Hollywood's best known military/law enforcement faces.)

The seminar was really pretty basic empowerment stuff, but he threw in a few gems of recommendations, and told stories about being on set with Jack Lemmon, and Kiefer Sutherland, and Michael Bay (not all at the same time). So. Good time. Also, because I was in the second row, he gave me lots of eye contact. He seemed like a very warm, personable guy; I hope I can track him down and ask him a couple questions later in the conference. (Anyone want me to ask him for 24 spoilers? ;))

I came back to the dorm to work on a character breakdown for Taming, but my computer has decided to do that not-waking-up thing that getting a new battery had seemed to have fixed, so I'm on the lounge computer (and carefully cleaning out the history when I'm done).
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So! Tomorrow morning at 11 I join nine other young theatrically minded folk and we drive to Valdez for the Last Frontier Theatre Conference. WOO.

I expect to have Internet access, but my time to actually be online will be way down (because there will be more theatre than you can shake a stick at! Whee!). I think all my RP stuff is already in a state of slowtime, or wrapped, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that if I'm not tagging, it's not because I don't love you!

I'll be home the evening of the 21st. Of course, immediately after that, conservatory and Taming of the Shrew start, and after that is the Great Cross-Country Roadtrip of '09, but I'll burn those hunks of free time when I come to them.

This is going to put a real crimp in my ANTM and Gundam 00 watching. *sadface* (. . . I don't know if there's anyone on my f-list sufficiently familiar with both shows to find this as amusing as I do, but I just had this image of Orange Haro bouncing into the ANTM house going EVERYONE! GET ALONG! GET ALONG!)

--Huh. In unrelated news, the Senate has just given the FDA permission to regulate tobacco more tightly than every before. Interesting.

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Dear Bill Shakespeare:

A Grumio and a Gremio? Seriously, why? Seriously, you hated your audience, didn't you?

Love, me.

(I don't like Grumio. He's only there for those silly hyuk-hyuk word jokes Shakespeare loves so well. He contributes zilch to the plot.

Now, from a scholarly point of view, he's interesting; the relationship between him and Petruchio is an interesting foil to the relationship between Petruchio and Kate. Moreover he's a clear example of those classical ideas about what sort of comedy is appropriate for what class.

But from a directing point of view? GTFO, Grumio. If I could cut you entirely I would, but I don't think I can.)
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So . . .

I seem to be directing Taming of the Shrew this summer at ATY conservatory?


Watch me go in there with a bunch of 12- to 18-year-olds and start babbling about feminism and Gayle Rubin and the traffic in women, and verfremsdungeffekt and the importance of art in society and why should we be doing this play here and now, and by the way, "ask" should be pronounced like this and throw away those weak forms of words that are old information!

College has ruined me.

--On the other hand, this means that I'll definitely be in AK this summer, which means I could do Valdez. WIN.


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