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You know, the first half of 2012 was pretty rough in a lot of ways. I started anti-anxiety meds. I had more than one meltdown in spite of them. I was often hard on myself, because someone was being hard on me. I -- and all of Anchorage -- lost someone beautiful to suicide.

But I made it through. And in September, I walked four hundred miles to Santiago. And in October, I moved to a new city. And in November, I wrote a novel. And in December, I worked.

And today, I finally got myself a bookshelf and finished unpacking my books, and strung up my little Christmas lights (only a week late!), and my itty-bitty living space feels like home.

This picture cleverly hides the pile of un-put-away clothes I'm sitting on.

For those of you on this side of the world, where it's still December 31st, I hope that your night tonight is warm and safe and full of light and laughter. And for all of you, no matter where or who you are, I hope that 2013 is good to you. I hope that 2013 sees you home.
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Ahaha, today is Mean Adiva day! I lectured a bunch of teenagers snarkily about comm etiquette ("So if your stage manager says 'Quiet on comm,' you shut the hell up") and just told off one of the casts for leaving their mess everywhere after the show last night. (They all contritely thanked me, at bosslady's urging, for staying to clean up after them.)

I also got to tell a mom to stop videorecording a show and tell a nice-but-unauthorized teen volunteer that she couldn't be backstage! Hooray!
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Also, oh my god, I cannot tell you how much better today was than the first day of last session. Everything went smoothly and nobody yelled at or scolded me and I didn't fuck anything up and I just. It is SUCH a relief.

AND I HAVE AN APARTMENT, AND [personal profile] remindmeofthe AND [personal profile] lienne AND [personal profile] innerbrat AND I FINISHED A PLOT, AND OH MY GOD GUYS TODAY HAS JUST BEEN REALLY GREAT SOMEHOW.
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The other day I was typing up our script of Antigone -- the Anouilh version, which, if you haven't read, is FULL OF MONOLOGUES, so we're cutting it down.

Me: Do you mind if I make my own judicious edits?

Bosslady: Please do. Just don't add any aliens. Or make it a musical.

Me: How about a TARDIS?

Bosslady: ... I could be convinced.
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 . . . Did I mention any of this?

1. In June and July I will be running a summer camp. Terror and excitement.

2. In September my family and I will be walking El Camino de Santiago, a 400 mile pilgrimage across the north of Spain. Terror (in my feet and shoulders; a fifteen-pound backpack is nothing to sneeze at) and excitement (in the rest of me).

3. In October I will be moving to Seattle, where I will be moving in with a good friend of mine from school and then looking for any kind of work I can get. TERROR and EXCITEMENT.

So that's the next few months for me: see-sawing between excitedly making plans and wanting to hide under the covers shaking like a Chihuahua in a thunderstorm.
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Have inaccurate 1099-MISC forms (LIKE A BOSS)
Fail to get accountant on the phone (LIKE A BOSS)
File as self-employed because of all the directing work this year (LIKE A BOSS)
Get anxious about being a "business owner" (LIKE A BOSS)
File an extension on my taxes for the first time (LIKE A BOSS)
Realize my anti-anxiety meds are about to run out (LIKE A BOSS)
Cuddle the cat (LIKE A BOSS)
Clean my room (LIKE A BOSS)
Eat some dinner (LIKE A BOSS)

I'm the boss.
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 So between day job and Sound of Music, I have worked . . . twelve days in a row without a full day off, including working six hours or so most evenings. I'm in serious need of a break -- and I'm about to get one, with five days in Pittsburgh! -- but right this second I just really really really do not want to go in to work.
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Life as a working thespian:

1. Teach 40+ kids about theatre for six hours a day.
2. Finish one housesitting gig; start the next one 48 hours later.
3. Pick up an Assistant Stage Managing job with the opera purely on the basis that you have a lot of theatrical experience, in spite of never SMing for an opera before.
4. Resign yourself to not weaning yourself off caffeine any time soon.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 10:14 pm
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To-do )

I don't wanna get out of bed. *hides* Just three more days and then I get Friday off. To do other last-minute show prep.

My caffeine consumption is really nowhere near healthy levels at the moment.
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I have another hour to kill at work; it doesn't look like bosslady will be coming in. I'm working on a press release, but I kind of want to be doing something more interesting

So clearly it's time for commentfic, right?

Comment with a couple of characters and a song and I will drabble for you.

My current fandoms include my old standbys -- Young Wizards, Greek mythology, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland in various adaptations, Hamlet, RP -- and right now I am also all about Nolanverse Batman. I'm waaaay behind on most other continuing canons (Doctor Who, Supernatural (because I broke up with them in s5)) but I can always give them a shot!

ETA: Also, am I too late for this meme?

ETA2: So late to the party, but here, have my current headvoice roster.
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The lights in my office flicker every time I print something. *vaguely unnerved*

Also, this job has given me a new interest in Adele because the radio station we have on plays her all the time.

Gramarye and Sweeney, I owe you both: I've been singing "The Mary Ellen Carter" and "This Year" at the top of my lungs to and from rehearsal and work. (Both of them give me an unfortunate case of lead foot, though. >.>)

It's less "I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me" as it is "through this week," of course. I hate tech week at the best of times; I hate it more when I feel like I'm being scrutinized. (Or more appropriately, know I'm being scrutinized. I have to prove to the performing arts center that I'm not a flake like other recent grads they've dealt with if they're going to approve me to be a qualified stage manager for them. Which will be totally worth it, though, because then I can be hired to work on other shows at the center. I might be entertaining daydreams of SMing for Andrew Bird and Lily Tomlin and so forth.)

Anyway. I'm just really looking forward to next weekend. The 14th is my 23rd birthday and the opening of my show; Saturday I'll help out with our other show's performances; Saturday night I will go watch The Rocky Horror Show; Sunday I will have ALL THE SLEEP and a fancy dinner; Monday I will go see Metropolis on the big screen and eat pizza and drink local beer. And it will all be glorious.
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"She's having a great time. ... This is the first time my child has ever come home and told me 'This is where I belong, I finally found where I fit in.'" --The mother of one of my chorus members

Shut up I am not choking up at all.
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The problem with directing a musical -- in particular a musical like Schoolhouse Rock, in which the songs are earworms by design -- is that when I'm trying to go to sleep, the songs get stuck in my head. Immovably. And then instead of sleeping I'm running on my anxiety hamster-wheel about the problems with this song or that dance or the show in general until I finally turn on Pandora's lullaby station and manage to stop thinking.


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