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Please send any and all good theatrical vibes you have to Pittsburgh today at 2 PM EST, when Bad Hamlet performs. Thanks -- all of us who are shaky on our lines will appreciate it.
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I seem to have hit just the right level of caffeine to be manically creative for the moment. Yay!

We're doing The Winter's Tale in Shakespeare RomCom right now, and now I really want to do it back home in Anchorage. I want to cast Liz Ware as Paulina. I want the cast to sing "When In Rome" at the end (which is an idea I'm totally stealing from one of the profs here, who did something similar with a modern tune for "It raineth every day" at the end of his production of Twelfth Night last year) -- Leontes singing the first verse, Perdita and Florizel singing the bridge, Hermione singing Where can a dead man go? (It would have to be a slightly different song than the version Nickel Creek does, a little slower I think -- Nickel Creek's would make a wonderful intro, though. Maybe I could do that -- introducing the first half's characters with it, and introducing the second half's with "Green and Gray." Leontes for the first verse, Paulina for the second, Polixenes and Hermione for the bridge, Leontes again for the final verse -- or possibly Antigonus.

I need more Nickel Creek, is what I need.

WOW I am not getting any work done on my Sir Orfeo paper.

I want to do Taming of the Shrew again, in the lobby of Purnell. I want to include the Sly parts, starting with Sly tossed out of the Chosky theatre into the lobby, and from there have him taken up to the mezzanine in style, and have the audience sit in the round and do the play there in the middle of the lobby, with Sly and the Lord and the servants yelling down comments from the balcony.

I want to do these shows. I want to be in them, and I want to direct them, and I want to make people sit up and say "Oh, that's what that play is. That's what Shakespeare can be."

A common goal, I know, but I think a worthy one.
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So I got feedback on my diagnostic scene this morning.

It was about as much "Yyyeah, you kinda suck" as I was expecting. I think I'm okay with it: I mean, everybody was told "You kinda suck," because that's the point of the class and the school. You kinda suck, we're gonna make you not suck.

It's still, you know. A hit, a very palpable hit. And I am doing my best to not blame the script, tempting though it may be, or my partner, less tempting though that may be. I know I have work to do. I can do work.

This morning sucked, though, and yesterday evening ended up kind of sucking, and I just -- hope the week improves from here. We're having a party Saturday; maybe that'll help? . . .
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Had a dream that I ended up finally sleeping with . . . some boy. Possibly a conglomeration of many boys. And by "sleeping with" I mean just sleeping with, not euphemistically having sex with. There were a lot of cuddles. It was a nice dream. I think there was something about rescuing people off a riverboat, too, but obviously the Stephanie Meyers-style romance stuck with me more than that.

Things I have to do today: )
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I did my diagnostic scene! It went REALLY well! People laughed! People told me I was adorable! I was wearing a plaid miniskirt and so many people went "!!!" because of it! FUCK YEAH.

My hair did, as predicted, get in my eyes, but hopefully the profs won't criticize too heavily for it.

And one of my freshmen came up to me afterward and told me, in an undertone, "Somebody told me that they only let pretty people into the School of Drama, unless you're a dramaturg, or you're gay, because then it doesn't matter. But you are a dramaturg, and you're . . . not not pretty. I'm so proud of you every time you do stuff with us! I'm like 'yeah, that's my dramaturg!'"

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In all the hullabaloo of moving in and starting school and making ~chore charts~, we lost and did not pay the power bill.

So they shut off our power, and it's going to cost about $50 from each of us to get it back on.

In the long run, this is probably not a big deal -- I'm about to go drop off a $2000 check so that I can eat on-campus this semester, and $50 pales a little next to that -- and it's a good learning experience, but. Man. I mean, I just wrote two checks totaling about $50 yesterday for groceries and the water bill. It's frustrating -- and I'm frustrated at myself as much as at anyone else.

In lighter news, my self-concert (five minute theatrical "introduction to yourself") in Acting went over well.
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Last night, housemate and I made pasta and sauce, by which I mean I boiled water and dumped pasta in, and she did magical things to a jar of Ragu with garlic and a tin of tomatoes and rosemary and oh my god it's so tasty. We also made English-muffins-and-hot-dog-buns garlic bread.

Living in a house is way awesomer than I ever would have expected. (I need a way to refer to housemates. Last year's roomie is LD, or roomie; the rest are KL, who has a blog; JDG, who has a different blog I've already linked to; EL; and HK, who's not here yet. Watch me not stick with the initials for more than a week and start calling them all by their first names, which will get very confusing for some of you on my f-list as they have your name.)

School update! I am in Acting I and making friends. YAY. I am also required to go to yoga at 8 AM M/W/F. Um . . . booyay? I hate hate hate getting to campus by 8, but yoga this morning was actually a really nice way to start the day, so.

Shakespeare RomComs, as I will call it, is going to be awesome. Colloquium is about myth, and we are reading Genesis and the Book of Job and Minotaur and eventually creating new works based on Metamorphoses. I need to read Beowulf, or at least some of it, for tomorrow's Medieval Lit class.

Bwhee! School!

In other news, it's freaking cold in this computer cluster.
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Awesome things on the glacier cruise last night:

1. 80% of the people getting on our boat breaking into "I'm on a boat, motherfucker, don't you ever forget!"

2. Sea otters!

3. Singing everything from "The Mengelay Boat Song" to "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" to "Amazing Grace" with TBA Theatre folken.

4. HUMPBACK WHALE. THREE SIGHTINGS. I have never seen a humpback, and I've never seen any kind of whale from closer than a mile away. I shrieked a lot. WHALE.

Plans for today:

1. Breakfast oh my god I'm starving.

2. Ten-Minute Play Slam.

3. Santa and Death screening.

4. Performing a monologue!

5. Wrap-up gala.

6. Packing.
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What has two thumbs and played improv games with Agent Aaron Pierce Glenn Morshower tonight?
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Day 1 of Valdez: Spent most of the day in a monologue workshop with Laura Gardner and Frank Collison (huh! Frank was in SG:A for an ep, not to mention Hidalgo and O Brother, Where Art Thou). It was veeeeery long and I didn't get up the guts to go until the very end, which meant we were all tired and I didn't get much feedback. No matter; hopefully I'll get more time on Wednesday at the next session.

I should probably noooot be just hanging out on my computer when I could be schmoozing, but man, I'm tired and I resisted the siren call of the Internet all day. (Almost all day. Most of all day.)
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The guy who played Cinderella's Prince in our Into the Woods saw me in the lobby this evening and told me I did a fantastic job at our beat poetry presentation Tuesday.

It's enough to make a girl think she's still got some acting chops.

That was not the most exciting thing that happened today, though. That distinction goes to the not-very-exciting-but-fairly-tense saga of taking roomie to the ER with what we thought was appendicitis. (It was not; current diagnosis is a particularly nasty stomach virus. She's spent most of the day sleeping and I've spent most of the day fretting and being aggressively maternal and business-like.)

The third most exciting thing that happened today was that I cancelled my housing agreement with CMU, which means I am one step closer to officially living off campus next year. More on that by the end of the weekend, when I hopefully will have the lease signed and everything.

(While roomie slept, I went to a show tonight with one of next year's housemates. "I'd like to get together Sunday so we can see if there are any last questions with the lease and get them all signed," I told her.

"What all do we actually need to do?" she asked.

". . . Well, this, that, and the other thing," I said. "Did you already do that?"

"No," she said, "I figured you'd tell me what to do and then I'd do it."

". . . Please don't ever make me do this again," I said, "because I've already had three breakdowns over it. Seriously."

Such things make me facepalm, rather, about the prospect of living with people, but I have faith in my ability to smack people into action, particularly when I'm in the same living space as them. I just hope it doesn't come down to smacking people on a regular basis. Also since when has a stage manager needed to be told to do something? Stage managers find out what needs to be done and then do it before anyone has to ask them/tell them!)

Oof. I need to go to bed. On a less RL front, I know I have a bunch of threads with people that I haven't been keeping up with very well. Mea culpa, mea culpa, but I'm not going to be getting any better at keeping up with those for at least another two weeks. I have eight or nine final projects and papers due between now and May 7th, when I head back to Alaska, plus finishing up this lease stuff and packing; things are, obviously, going to have to be prioritized.


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:29 pm
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1. I am having a deal of trouble picking between two beat poems for Speech class: St. Margaret Stepping From the Belly of the Dragon, by Margaret Randall, and He Prepares to Take Leave of His Hut, by Lew Welch.

2. I . . . may have been challenged to a cagematch with a guy twice my size yesterday? >.> (Well, not by him, but by one of his friends who wanted to know if I could beat him up. However, he did say that he thought he would win in a fight with me -- "The question is whether training can ever overcome insurmountable physical odds." "Do you think you're insurmountable?" "*patient* I think I'm twice your size." -- so that's kind of the same. He was very gentlemanly and good-humored about it all, though. It was fun.)
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HEY GUYS. I have a riddle for you.

What has two thumbs and is playing Peter Pan in a friend's audiobook?

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Haaaaa shit I just sent my final cut of the script to the cast for the performance tomorrow. It better clock in at 30 minutes, because if Rico tries to stop it before the last two minutes I will punch him in the FACE.

Playground kicked off with six sophomore boys singing, and me, quite literally, front and center watching them. And they started with "Man of Constant Sorrow." Nguh. I music-gasmed. Noticeably. (I saw one of them backstage afterwards, and he laughed and gave me a high-five and said "You were loving that first one, weren't you?")

Tomorrow is also Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog LIVE, and you have no freaking idea how excited I am about being a henchpoke. The costume is GREAT. And holy crap Dr. Horrible looks great, and so does Captain Hammer, and the singers are all so good, and GAH. It's all almost enough to make up for the fact that we had to cut "So They Say" for time.
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For the record:

I am way too amused by the image of Sylar eating ice cream in "Landslide." Hysterical giggles every time. EVERY TIME.

Om nom nom ice cream.

PS: Zachary Quinto has pretty eyelashes. Just puttin' that one out there.

PPS: My God, I just realized I'm probably taking the exact same Speech class ZQ did. From the same teacher.

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Things that are awesome:
  1. Acting in a scene.
    1. Rehearsing said scene, in which my boyfriend makes a move on me before I reveal that I'm pregnant, out on the quad, in spite of the inherent OH GOD AWKWARD of it.
    2. The pretty girl director getting fed up with the boy's inability to make a move on me and doing it herself to show him what to do.
      1. "I don't know why you find this so difficult! She's hot!"
    3. Being told by a cute actor afterwards that "The moment when you held his hand on your stomach and were looking up at him -- I think that was the strongest moment of the scene."
  2. Watching three dozen actors in unitards, howling obscenities and battle-cries, thoroughly trounce the School of Art at dodgeball.
  3. Being told one's sound design is great.

A friendly suggestion to the liberals of America: for Pete's sake, either stop talking about Sarah Palin, or start talking about Joe Biden. John McCain is running for president, and yes, I know, Palin would be "a heartbeat away from the presidency," and that is certainly an issue, but she isn't the primary candidate here. Moreover, every joke at her expense is playing right into the GOP's hands, and keeping attention focused on her rather than McCain -- or for that matter, Obama and Biden. Hey, remember them?

Just a thought.

Oof. And now, I want coffee and food before rehearsal.
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I took a nap and dreamed that the Midsummer Night's Dream cast was reunited and we were gonna do put it on at Valdez, Overnighter-style, with, like, twelve hours of rehearsal, and I was so, so happy. Even when the dream took on actor's nightmare overtones of the director never showing up and rehearsal never happening.

'Course, then I woke up and tried to remember how our cut of Midsummer went and completely couldn't, which was rather a let down. But man, do I miss that show. I wish I knew where my DVD of it was.

Ah, well. I should take my Starbucks Treat Receipt and get something cold and caffeinated to drink.

ETA: . . . I went looking up Civil War sites near Pittsburgh for a thing and now I have "When Johnny Comes Marching HOme" stuck in my head. *hairclutch* I keep expecting Slim Pickens to start making commentary on the Ruskies.
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The Good: Finally feeling excited for the plays. Twelfth Night will be ridiculous. The Poet and the Rent will be AWESOME.

Also, dancing like an idiot onstage. Also also, biking up West Hill. \o/

The Sad: A guy I only recently reconnected with leaves for LA tomorrow; today may have been the last time I'll see him, at least for a long time. I was going to write him a card, because I realized recently that for someone I haven't had a lot of constant contact with, Caleb has really deeply impacted my life -- and then, doofus that I am, I didn't. I'll have to e-mail him for his mailing address so I can write him a letter.

The Awesome: I was asked, somewhat out of the blue, to read some Alan Ginsberg poetry at a slam tonight -- so [ profile] the_croupier, I'll be around, but later than anticipated. But I should be around all evening tomorrow!

The WTF: When going down West Hill this morning and coming up on the lagoon, I heard a lot of splashing and saw a gull taking off at high speed. "Must be a bunch of birds!" I thought as my bike sped on.



I love my state. Jesus Christ. (And I am very glad that it was a moose and not a bear.)

And now I need to go shower before the poetry.


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