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The other day I was typing up our script of Antigone -- the Anouilh version, which, if you haven't read, is FULL OF MONOLOGUES, so we're cutting it down.

Me: Do you mind if I make my own judicious edits?

Bosslady: Please do. Just don't add any aliens. Or make it a musical.

Me: How about a TARDIS?

Bosslady: ... I could be convinced.
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Who's got a sonic screwdriver and is watching the countdown to Doctor Who?

Doctor Who 2011 Doctor Who 2011

ETA: Mark Sheppard is a GOD.
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So![ profile] bookelfemade a post of "some TV ladies who are both a.) completely awesome and b.) not white." I like this idea!

As I commented, though, I'm having some trouble thinking of awesome ladies of color in the shows I watch. Which really, when you think about it, makes this post more important. Sure, partly that reflects the fact that I just don't watch that much TV -- but it also reflects the fact that a lot of shows have either one awesome lady of color, or none at all.

So here's my list of awesome ladies, and then I think I'll tack on some awesome gentlemen.

These ladies are going to kick your ass with awesome and you're going to love it. )

There may be more to be added to this post, and there will be one later of awesome gentlemen on these shows who are not white. Who would you add to this list?

ETA1: A few more!

America's Next Top Model. )

ETA2: And one more!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Things aren't perfect. That's why I'm making this post.
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Stuff what I am reading:

-IT, by Stephen King
-On Writing, by Stephen King
-Slacktivist's Left Behind review (now on to Left Behind: The Movie)
-Therefore Repent!, which is like what Left Behind could be if LB was a well-written graphic novel with no pretensions towards evangelism that starred a woman in a raven mask, her boyfriend in mummy bindings, and air-dropped angels of the Lord
-The diary of my great-great-great uncle
-One Flea Spare, by Naomi Wallace
-A Journal of the Plague Year, by Daniel Defoe

Stuff what I am watching:

-Let the Right One In, last night. If you can, see this movie. Do it. I am not sure I agree with the second-hand opinions that it's "the best movie of 2008," but it is a damn awesome movie. Twelve-year-olds! Sweden! Vampires! What's not to be awesome?
-Independence Day, for the first time. It's Chandra Suresh! And Jeff Goldblum! And is that Pres. Roslin? It is! PS: What is Harvey Fierstein doing in this movie. Seriously. *laughing hysterically*

Stuff what I am waiting anxiously for:

-ELEVENTH DOCTOR ANNOUNCEMENT. Hogeez. Never mind! No more waiting.
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Your thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas special. Show me them.

Mine: )
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So yeah.

Somebody was the Doctor for Halloween.

All the pictures are enormous, so here, have a link to the album.

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Holy crap, it's snowing out there!

Not that it's sticking, of course. Still. I am so glad my Halloween costume includes a big long coat. :D

(I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN, GUYS. I'm still trying to convince roomie to be Rose, although she's said that if I actually do like I threatened and run around using my sonic screwdriver on random doors, she won't be seen in public with me, period. Oh, and I found out yesterday that one of the freshmen 'turgs is a Who fan and had been pondering being Jack Harkness for Halloween because he found a perfect Harkness coat for $40. He didn't buy it, so we probably can't be a group for Friday, which makes me v. v. sad, but hey! A Who fan! That's worth it.

I hope my shoes come tomorrow. *fingers crossed*)

The problem with coffee actually working on me and making me all manic like this is that I want to go get an espresso to prolong the buzz, which a) would make me feel like crap and b) is unsettlingly addictive behavior. But. Coffee buzz! We already know I'm an addict.

Okay. Now I'm going to memorize a poem and then go do paying work. Yay paying.
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Fantastic! )

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Whoooo spent $8 on a hot Little Black Dress today?

Iii dunno! Who do you think? )

Now I just need shoes . . .

Whoooo also bought an even better $8 suit for her Tenth Doctor costume and found a decent tie and then made a fool of herself by making a snippet of the "Blink" video when she should've been doing homework?

Iiii dunno, but she's doing Spanish homework now instead of editing and uploading said fool-making video, so there.
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Nothing like crackfic on a Monday afternoon, amirite?

Title: Directive?
Fandom: Doctor Who plus one. (Ten and Rose-era, for no other reason than that I've been watching s2 and like Rose.)
Rating: G

The utter hush outside the TARDIS was terribly disconcerting, but not as disconcerting as the angular brown mountains rising up on every side. )
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Next vidding project:

"Yellow Taxi Cab," Matt Costa, Doctor Who.
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On Doctor Who 4.12: The Stolen Earth )

Um, in other news, I have the place more or less to myself for the next ten days. Including the car. Turns out driving around by yourself is fun!
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Ask . . .

. . . and ye shall receive!

In other news, know what's a REALLY BAD IDEA? Popping in "Silence In the Library" and thinking Oh, I'll just turn off all the lights and watch it in the dark so I don't disturb my parents!

BRILLIANT IDEA, THAT. REALLY. *shakes fist* Damn you, Stephen Moffat!
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Who remembers that Eleventh Doctor fic I was writing back around Thanksgiving?

. . . Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, it's all under the "nurture" tag, reading up from the bottom. And now there is more of it!

In which I crib inspiration from at least two other British comedy series. *cough* Not like anything on TV is original anyway.


May. 13th, 2008 04:27 pm
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Every time I think I have everything managed, that I'm going to have every bag full to bursting but I'll be at the limit for bags and I'll be fine, I discover something that I haven't packed yet because it's, you know, necessary for living for the next three days. Like clothes. And toiletries. And the lockable file case with all my bank statements, tax forms, etc etc etc.


Tell me something good. Or tell me your answer to If I had never met Adiva, I . . . Or meme me.

the what i like about you meme | my thread

Something, before I start screaming obscenities at my luggage. And my lack-of-meal-plan. And the Torchwood finale. (Oh wait. Too late on that last one. I decided to watch "Blink" to make myself feel better and was like "OH WAIT. BILLY SHIPTON. RIGHT. DAMN YOU, RUSTY.")

ETA: Also an option to cheer me up: Mostly dead!Westley in [ profile] mixed_muses. *tempts people* (Although I'm feeling somewhat better having eaten some pretzels.)
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Martha Jones heads my personal "Fuck You, She's Awesome" list. Fuck you, Martha Jones is awesome. Her awesome will punch you in the face and then stitch you back up and give you tea.

Donna Noble is also on my "Fuck You, She's Awesome" list, but I don't think I have to be defensive about liking Donna. Because she's AWESOME. And I'm glad she is; I was pretty leery of the idea of her as a companion initially, but, well, the loving old-married-couple abuse is awesome.

Other commentary )
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So part of my yesterday was watching three eps of Doctor Who and 2.01 of Torchwood with Lil ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" especially because she hadn't seen any Torchwood at all yet, and she had told me earlier in the day that while she doesn't much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she did like Spike. And then she spent much of the ep going "SO much better than Spike!" which makes me laugh a lot because dude, that is Spike, with slightly less control over his impulses).

And while watching "The Fires of Pompeii" again, I was reminded of the brilliant, brilliant image I had watching it on Sunday:

Spoilery! )

We also noticed that David Tennant's hair in "Planet of the Ood" is freaking EPIC. I mean. Seriously. I want to be Ten for Halloween, but I'm not sure I could get my hair to do that even if I cut it.

And now I need to go watch Titus and take a final at 1.
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Current progress on my Fourth Doctor scarf:

52 episodes of House in that thing. *amused*

Current progress on catching up on reading and Monday's readings:

. . . Um, lemme get back to you on that one.

ETA: Uuuum. PS. If I were to decide to try House's voice in [ profile] mixed_muses, who would be interested in pointing and laughing as I butchered it horribly? Or some House character, anyway. I don't think I can absorb three seasons of material without eying some kind of headvoice.


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