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September is fired.


*puts out a hell of a lot of tea*
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Finished New Spring. )

*ahem* Okay, I'm better.

So now I need either Winter's Heart or a series that won't piss me off. I'm reading a Tanya Huff collection of short stories that I've never read before, and . . . don't get me wrong, I love Tanya Huff. The Blood books are amazing, and the Shadow series, from what I've seen, is almost as good. And a bunch of her short stories are awesome, too!

But, well. Her heroines do have a type. Vicki is better than most, because although she's Spunky and Capable and Won't Take Any Shit, those qualities do get her in trouble on a regular basis -- not to mention the lovely, ironic shadow of retinitis pigmentosa. But her other heroines, like in the Quartered books, or her short stories? World's best assassin. World's best thief. World's best wizard. World's best Bard. World's best . . .

And Huff's short story collections are generally independently published, and Lord if they couldn't use another round of proofreading. *wincing*

Now, lunch, and then further class!
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Just finished The Path of Daggers.

Just a bit of commentary: )
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Sooo this ten quotes meme.

  1. It's probably . . . pining for the fjords.

  2. Don't Panic. That's the first sensible thing anyone's said to me all day.

  3. You've fallen into one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia,but only slightly less well known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!

  4. Further up and further in!

  5. Nothing left but dust and fundamentalists.

  6. Leave it to the Catholics to destroy existence.

  7. Nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remembered.

  8.  Angry eyebrows!!!

  9. Rhetoric! Game and match!

  10. The legs. Definitely the legs.
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This hotel has cute valets. >.>

That's all the coherent thought I can come up with, because I'm busy luxuriating in the SWEET SWEET AIR CONDITIONING.

WoT: Crown of Swords )
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*blink* What? When did it become Saturday?

*so, so out of it*

We're in a perfectly lovely '50s style motel in Salina, KA (is it KA or KS?), made especially lovely by its AC. *luxuriates* Salina seems like a typical small town -- although the guy holding a cross on the "Welcome to Salina!" sign at the edge of town was worth a double-take.

As for driving through Kansas . . . [ profile] madbonnycaptain? I hope you won't take it as an insult to your home state that I slept through most of it, when I wasn't actually driving. When I was driving, though, I was moderately freaked out. Kansas is flat, and the freeway is straight, and you'd think it would be an easy drive -- but because it's so flat, there's nothing to cut down on the wind. And while that might not be a problem in a regular car? In a 19-foot-long, 8'4"-high RV, those winds get scary.

*sigh* And my computer still hates me.

WoT ramblings )

. . . You know, I swear I didn't sit down to write an essay that long. I was just gonna babble about dream casting and "ALAN CUMMING AS PADAN FAIN Y/N?!" and stuff.

ETA: Speaking of dream casting -- a quick Google reveals this list. Some of the choices make me nod approvingly; most of the Aiel casting choices make me blink. Coloring, people! It's important! [/snark]
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We were trying for Provo, Utah today, but after driving twelve eleven hours (we moved over a time zone) we decided to stop in Twin Falls, Idaho.

I've tried to call it Twin Peaks and Two Rivers at least once each already tonight. *facepalm*

Other than that, I have very little to report about the day. Driving 600 miles through eastern Oregon and western Idaho is preeeetty dull. Like, the Columbia River gorge was pretty nice, but I was kinda sleep-depped, and then it was trees. And then it was just flat.

Canons I've been reading )
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WoT: Fires of Heaven )
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"..." moment of the day:

Reading Wheel of Time all day, stopping at a roadside restroom, looking up at the door frame . . .

. . . seeing "Min" written in Sharpie there.

WoT: Fires of Heaven )
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WoT: The Fires of Heaven )

I forgot to mention: I've been taking Singulair more or less regularly (¬_¬ I have a bad memory), and last night was the first night I went to karate since I started. I forgot to take my inhaler, and then we did drills that invariably leave me wiped out.

And I felt fine. Tired, sure, but I breathed fine all the way through class.

It was great.
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*. . . snort*

If glowing coals were dark brown, they would have been exactly like her eyes.

That has to be one of the silliest similies I've ever heard, RJ.
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Just finished Shadow Rising.

In which I use a lot of allcaps. )

Gen Gen Gen! I have another reason you should app Rhiow! Because then she could meet Moiraine, and they could compare notes about playing Daes Dae'mar and hauissh. :D
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*laughing* Oh, RJ. Sometimes you are so awesome.

Shadow Rising stuff )
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*flails about*

Son of a bitch, I went on as Beatrice, and I was good.

Laaa I love acting. I love acting so much.

There will be a picspam tonight, I think, 'cause it's such an awesome looking show y'all should get to see it.

Eeee. :D

ETA: Shadow Rising FLAILING )
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Everybody's still alive. Except our Internet, which continues to resist our attempts at resurrection. I'm spending a few hours in the coffeeshop catching up on stuff.

Mom left last night for Chicago and will be heading from there to Buchanan. We met her at the airport and she told me, when I admittedly pulled a sullen teenager act, that I've been "testy" lately. :\ Well, yeah. Yesterday I had 90 minutes of oxygen-deprived karate (stupid asthma. Stupid lack of red blood cells.) with a drill sergeant, followed by a long, fun, but vaguely unsettling conversation with the BFF (unsettling in an oh-god-I'm-never-going-to-find-a-guy-and-will-die-alone sort of way, which is excessively emo, I know), followed by being told that I've been "testy."

I really, really feel like a stereotypical teenager lately, which is more than a little frustrating.

On the plus side, I got a lot of work done on my Somebody Frog project last night -- post forthcoming -- and I revised "Ghostlight" extensively, which is a first.

The expected commentaries: Provenance and Dead Man's Blood )

As for Shadow Rising )

Today's plan, other than taking advantage of the coffeeshop's wireless, include a cue-to-cue tech rehearsal where I'll be prancing around in a terrifyingly short skirt, and then, hopefully, a D&D session. Woohoo!

All in all, things are pretty okay.

ETA: skip=60 just to get to Friday night? Darn all you prolific types.


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