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Roomie's catching up on Supernatural.

. . . Did they actually do an episode where Sam and Dean are transported to an alternate universe where they're Jared and Jensen? Because I've read that fic. It's an awesome fic. But as an episode? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? (You DID THIS back in seasons 2 with "Hollywood Babylon," guys.)

Okay but Misha playing himself and saying "I'm totally going to tweet this one" is awesome.
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So I'm hanging out in Seattle, and serendipitously, [ profile] newredshoes was in town and I got to hang out with her and Emmy and a couple local theatre people. Nice! (Esther, I looked up "Big City Life." I'm going to have to watch this show now, aren't I? Damn you!)

I have set up meetings with two more local theatre people whose names I got from my advisor. Double nice!

Feedback for my final papers and final grades are starting to come in. I didn't have the greatest semester -- by which I mean that for once, the B's may match or outnumber the A's, which is really not something I should complain about, but it's coming at a week when I'm already kind of anxious. I don't know whether to blame senioritis or Midsummer. Probably both. Ah, well, not a hell of a lot I can do about it now, and thinking about it makes me even more anxious.

I feel like writing fic (rewatching Middleman has made me crave MM/SPN crossovers) and RPing. Maybe I'll do some actual Milliways EPs! Maybe I'll even figure out what Kim's been up to since I broke her ribs and what Tom's been up to since I shoved him out of the bar. (Actually, I know what Tom's been up to since I shoved him out of the bar, it's just so nightmarish -- literally -- that I feel bad writing it down.)
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1. Look what I'm making! (Thanks to Pyth for the header!)

2. So I caught the final two episodes of Supernatural s5 last night, though I didn't watch the s6 premiere.

Bitter fan ranting! With some mild spoilers for 6.01, I guess? )
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Point 1: Coming to you (more or less) live from a brand-new dark blue Asus Eee named Baby. (I think they called them Eee because that's the noise you make when you see them. "EEE. BABY.")

Point 2: Wrote a fairly dreadful paper on Sir Orfeo, discussing the confluence of Christian, epic, Celtic, and Greek imagery. Ah well -- it's done.

Point 3: On SPN 5.05 --Whatever that one was called.  )

Point 4: There is no point 4.
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WAIT, s5 of Supernatural started last night and I DIDN'T KNOW?

Honestly that just says sad things about how much the second half of s4 made me not care. Sadface. :( (I still haven't seen the season finale of s4, although I have a rough idea of the major plot points.)

The fact that I'm not even sure I want to take the time to torrent the eps I haven't seen yet is even sadder. F-list, should I bother? Is 5x01 worth seeing? Will it redeem the show in my eyes?
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So![ profile] bookelfemade a post of "some TV ladies who are both a.) completely awesome and b.) not white." I like this idea!

As I commented, though, I'm having some trouble thinking of awesome ladies of color in the shows I watch. Which really, when you think about it, makes this post more important. Sure, partly that reflects the fact that I just don't watch that much TV -- but it also reflects the fact that a lot of shows have either one awesome lady of color, or none at all.

So here's my list of awesome ladies, and then I think I'll tack on some awesome gentlemen.

These ladies are going to kick your ass with awesome and you're going to love it. )

There may be more to be added to this post, and there will be one later of awesome gentlemen on these shows who are not white. Who would you add to this list?

ETA1: A few more!

America's Next Top Model. )

ETA2: And one more!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Things aren't perfect. That's why I'm making this post.
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Stuff from the last week or so:


2. I am done with all of my papers, and most of my grades are in! One surprise B and one totally expected B, thus far (and a somewhat unexpected A). *further victory arms*

3. The weather in Anchorage has been unbelievably gorgeous -- sunny and in the mid-to-high 60s (up until yesterday, when it poured rain all morning, but hey).

4. Now that all my papers are done, I have to start in on the daunting task of clearing out my bookshelves. I am forcing myself to face the fact that honestly, I am not going to re-read a good twenty percent of the books on my shelves, and unless there are truly pressing sentimental reasons to keep them (I may never re-read Am I Blue?, but like hell am I getting rid of it) they should probably go.

ETA: 5. Have not seen the last two episodes of SPN yet. Feeling . . . oddly disinclined to fix this, though I probably will at some point.
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Where can I get a Misha Collins of my very own? *draws hearts all over his wonderful little actor face*
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. . . The latest episode of Supernatural is titled "The Monster At the End of This Book."

Just when I think I can't love them more they go and reference GROVER. YES. OH MY GOD.

Have not seen yet; the torrent is downloading.
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--oh my god I want to write a Supernatural "The Apocalypse is coming! The Apocalypse is coming!" episode where a "Rapture" happens and people are disappearing out of their clothes and Sam is like "IT'S THE RAPTURE, SHIT" and Castiel is like ". . . That's utterly ridiculous" and it turns out to be actually one of the Slacktivist theories for Rapture disappearances.
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I'm home safe; I'm sneezy but I love my cat anyway; I am getting a haircut today and intend to look vaguely like Meg Masters when I come out (not so blonde, though); one of the very talented actresses from CMU e-mailed me today to ask if she could be in my Playground piece; the G key on my keyboard is spazzing out -- although it seems to have just fixed itself.

And them's tricks. What's up, f-list?

An update

Dec. 13th, 2008 03:01 pm
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So let's see.

Thursday roomie, friend, and I went to see Changeling, which I think I'll just call right now as at least nominated for Best Picture, with an Oscar for Angelina Jolie for Best Actress and a nod to John Malkovich for Best Supporting Actor (not really deserved -- not because he was bad, just because it wasn't a challenging performance). In a perfect world, Jeffrey Donovan and Jason Butler Harner will get nominations. (In a truly perfect world, so would Eddie Alderson, who's starting his career off right. Holy hell.)

Thursday I also came down with a cold over the course of the day.

Then on Friday I finished a ten-page paper on The Blair Witch Project and the way its cinematography interacts with Laura Mulvey's theory of the narrative cinematic male gaze, three hours before deadline and with enough material that I could have written another five pages at least. It is a kickass paper, dude.

Friday my cold got better, mostly; I don't know how that happened but I sure as hell am not complaining.

Friday, roomie and I also started marathoning the last two-thirds of SPN season 3. We made it almost to the end -- but when we hit 4 AM and we still had two episodes to go, we called it quits.

Instead, we finished those two episodes today (tangent: I just don't like the last few episodes of s3 as much as the rest of the season. I mean, s3 has some fantastic eps, and the last few just don't measure up, I feel) and watched the first few minutes of 4.01. (We made plans to get in touch with each other on IM and watch the rest of s4 that we currently have handy, which I think is up to 4.05.) Then we went out for crepes, and now roomie is winging -- well, rolling -- her way back home with her mom, leaving me the room to myself until I leave on the 17th. As ever, I feel vaguely like I ought to be tracking down some attractive boy or other and taking advantage of the empty room, but instead I'm probably just going to spend the next few days watching movies, writing, vidding, and possibly doing some thrift-storing with a friend.

And roomie's mom is one of those generous moms who will not only buy you lunch, but give you a freaking ginormous basket of organic cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate, with a few bottles of HonesTea to help it all go down, so I'll be well fed, too.

Mmmm. *stretches* Life is pretty decent.

Unrelated to anything question: A friend has recently started a blog on Blogspot, and I've been thinking about following her example. There's a way to publish entries simultaneously on LJ and Blogger, right? Or am I nuts?
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Can I be a professional feminist academic when I grow up? I think I'd be good at it, based on the fact that over the course of twelve presentations on a variety of papers about various feminist theories and analysis of feminist novels, I was able to either ask useful questions or contribute ideas to eleven of them. And dude, I could have talked for twenty minutes about The Blair Witch Project and feminism (luckily, I have ten pages to do just that by Friday).

Iiii talk too much, especially when caffeinated.

Other media consumption thoughts:

1. Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage is exactly as awful as it sounds. And poor Jared Padalecki and Peter O'Toole are so committed to this piece of crap they're using to pay their rent. *draws hearts on them*

And Jared is always adorable but ESPECIALLY when he's in a WOOLLY SCARF AND HAT. Eeeeeeee! *huggles him*

2. . . . Dammit, I could swear I watched something good recently that I was going to talk about. OH. The Illusionist. I swear, every time I rewatch that movie, I am more convinced that it's a perfect movie. The lighting, the music, the costumes, the acting, the casting, the cinematography, the writing . . . I can hardly think of anything that could be improved. Even the freaking ideology is good! All class conflict-y and women having agency without falling into the Real Women Never Wear Dresses trap and and and. Yeah. Hearts.

Also Jessica Biel and Edward Norton are just too pretty for words. Nnnnghf.

Anyway! Hi, f-list. *passes around coffee and cookies*
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Because she got be freaking Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage starring Jared Padalecki and Peter O'Toole for Christmas.

Jared Padalecki in a HORRIBLE MOVIE in a RED SCARF, with the promise of watching it and making fun of it 'till the end of time.

The defense rests.

Christmas is gonna be AWESOME.

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A conversation with roomie earlier today, after watching "Devil's Trap":

Roomie: *puppyeyes* Y'know what I want now?

Me: Watch the next one! *gets disc* But I mean, can you imagine watching this on TV and knowing that the next one isn't gonna be for four months?

Roomie: I knooow. *beat* *casual* There are three seasons, right? And season four is coming?

Me: No, season four's on air now.

Roomie: Oh. *beat* *still casual* How many seasons do they have planned?

Me: Y'know, I don't know.

Roomie: You should know these things.

Me: ... *singsong* I got you addicted to a neeeew shoooow.

Roomie: Shut up. I still get to make fun of it.

We have now gotten through "Bloodlust," and I am tired so we're not watching "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" just yet.


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