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Couple of vivid dreams this morning, one involving going back to college and seeing a bunch of my classmates. (Kyle R was in there, Ben F was in there, Arya was in there, I think Kaleigh might've been in there.)

More interesting was the hypnopompic dream where a female figure was standing behind the head of my bed, reaching down to touch me on the chest. I woke up enough to jerk my arm through where her arm ought to be, and was aware I couldn't touch her, so I asked (thought?) "Are you a ghost?" Then I fell back to sleep enough for the dream to move to a stairwell, where the female figure was sitting with a black fox. The fox moved away from her and it turned out its body was made of/like those expandable tissue paper decorations -- like the tissue paper Chinese dragons? -- so when it moved its head and front legs expanded away from its hindquarters and did this sinuous thing. Very Miyazaki. Then the fox appeared right next to me and put its chin on my shoulder, and the female figure said, "Yes, the Ghost of Christmas Past," and then I woke up for good.

I have joked in the past about this apartment being haunted, buuuuut.
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 I told myself I was going to stop stalking through the links pointing to my Crypticon post because I was getting stressed out about it, but finding people quoting the passages I'm most proud of is pretty satisfying.

But I'm going to stop stalking now, for real, because it does stress me out.

Hello the Internet! I am very very tired; it took me a long time to get sleepy last night, for some reason. I had several vivid and somewhat cathartic dreams this morning, one about an animated movie being made about an Alaska Native girl that moved me to tears, and one in which I was talking about the idea of a website called Anchorpoint or Anchor Point (which is a town in Alaska -- I must be homesick). The general idea seemed to be a website where people could collect positive experiences and happy thoughts or pictures to revisit when their moods swung down.

I am generally feeling very positive about this summer in general, but it's been a weird, long, intensely busy week, with plenty of good personally but some real bad locally and the usual stressors globally.

To stay on a positive note, though, tomorrow I'm selling pies at a D-Day event, and then going to a live zom-rom-com, and then on Sunday is the FIVE-HOUR-LONG live adaptation of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay at Book-It and I'm so freaking excited. I gotta track down that commentary about Captain America and K&C that was going around and read it before Sunday.
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I have had heart-pounding being-stalked-by-a-monster nightmares for like three nights in a row and I would like that to stop.
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More romantic dreams about unobtainable college friends?

What are you trying to tell me, subconscious?
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 Dozing in my cousin's guest room, I had a vivid but very short dream that I left a pot of pasta on the stove and it was boiling over and when I went to stir it the spoon dropped in far past where the bottom of the pot and the stove burner should have been, as if the bottom had burned away and turned into some kind of black hole. I woke up like a shot; it was incredibly unsettling.

And then a minute later I had some kind of hypnogogic auditory hallucination that someone said ... something ... maybe "Oh, there you are"?

Anyway, HAPPY OCTOBER, I guess.

(I didn't leave anything on the stove, right?)
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I had some crazy-ass dreams this morning that involved me ultimately getting recruited to a weird AU JLA/Avengers (Supes was there, and Bats, but also Cap, but they were all kind of dark universe-y) and hunting down a Selina Kyle/Black Cat hybrid with a couple other young members of the team who were teasing her with buzzing cat toys (sure, "cat toys") that turned out to be my phone's alarm buzzing.

Closest I've ever gotten to a flying dream -- part of it involved me twice climbing to very high heights and being caught by a very tall man who was working for the school administration as a security guard or something. That part was pretty cool!

And Superman was mentoring me or something? I dunno, I wanted to go back to sleep but I had to get up. I blame the Benadryl, all things considered.
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 . . . I think I had a dream this morning where Johnny Lee Miller got me pregnant accidentally and I was frantically researching the abortion deadline in Washington state. (It appears to be "viability," which is usually defined as 24 weeks.)

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I had a dream that Richard II insisted on a wife from the Mortimer family, either Kate or her mother -- I think maybe as insurance against rebellion? -- so Kate volunteered to be his queen. When she got up to him on the dais he grabbed her and kissed her and she was more than a little surprised to find that he was a very good kisser. (Guess he's bi after all!)

But the insurance-against-rebellion thing was not going to work out very well. Turned out Kate's brother (I guess Edmund, but in the way of dreams, not really Edmund at all) was wanted because he was leading the rebellion, or at least important in it. So there was Kate, newly wed to the king, watching in silent despair as Richard tried to hunt down her brother.

I'm pretty sure that by the end of the dream, the group she was meeting with was the rebellion (although it started off as the King's advisors). And then things took a sharp turn into the surreal as it turned out the place where the rebellion was meeting had this A Clockwork Orange-esque agony booth kind of set-up where they needed someone to agree to have their eyes held open and watch terrible things while the meetings went on, and Kate(/me) was all set to do it! But then [personal profile] silveraspen showed up and was all "I got this, it's okay," so Kate didn't have to. (On coming out of the booth after the meeting, I/Kate went "Are you okay?!" because DID NOT LOOK OKAY and Aspen said something about having to see Bill Adama, I don't know, mourning Lee and blaming her for it or something. I didn't get all the details.)

. . . So if you get rid of the weird sci-fi agony booth aspect at the end there, and made it Henry V instead of Richard II, the storyline of Hal marrying Kate as insurance against further internal rebellion could be very interesting. (Yes, okay, I'm secretly a Hal/Kate shipper.) Although Richard having an English wife could have some interesting implications, too. Some poison'd by their wives: some sleeping kill'd...
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Shockingly, after playing a choose-your-own-zombie-adventure game right before bed and stressing about apartments yesterday, I had a zombie nightmare tonight! Lovely.
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 Man, I woke up around 7:30, dicked around the Internet for a while, went back to bed, and had a series of bizarre dreams including:
  • being put in a 19th-century mental institution straight out of a porn novel,
  • channel surfing in a house with a bunch of housemates I didn't know who were judging my taste in TV,
  • being driven around with roomie in my parents' mini-van by one or more of the crew guys from the opera and watching him get pulledout of the car and beat up which meant that I had to take the wheel,
  • and then finally some anime-style scene with a bunch of girls who needed to "abrasculate" one of their number which apparentlymeans "to make her seem masculine and mysterious so they can all lust after her."
Conclusions: my hormones are out of control, I need to get more sleep, and I really like the term "abrasculate."
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I had a flying dream last night, which never happens! It involved Tron somehow, in spite of the fact that I have not seen Tron or Tron Legacy, but I know it ended with me trying desperately to wake up Jeff Bridges by wrapping him in a blanket and trying to cuddle him, while some villainous lady tried to stop me with, I don't know, a Tronian cattle prod or something? I just remember she kept poking me and my friends with something painful to distract me from waking up Jeff Bridges. But to no avail! I was not going to be deterred from waking up Jeff Bridges, since he was clearly some kind of deus ex machina savior type, and I managed it, and he gave me a big hug and I guess saved the day, although I think around then I woke up. So it ended happily!
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Strange anxiety dreams: I had a dream last night that I drove a school bus into a hallway of an elementary school and got it stuck there. And night before last I had a dream involving trying to catch a semi-magical pest called a selkirk that looked like a neon blue mouse. (That one was actually kind of entertaining, even though it was very intense; I remember yelling "You bastarding shrew!" at the thing.)
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I had an anxiety dream, of sorts, where I got so upset about . . . something . . . that I held up a convenience store with nothing but a carton of eggs and a raspberry pie while wearing an evening dress and a long scarf. It started out as a semi-serious threat, but the clerks caught on to the fact that I didn't want to hurt anyone and helped me chase everyone out of the store while I brandished a pie at them. The hold-up ended once everyone was out, and the clerks were congratulating me on a hilarious afternoon; suddenly I was just too tired and depressed to stay standing anymore. I ended up cuddled up to my scene partner from last year, Asia, and falling asleep.

When I woke up (dream-wise), there was more stuff about how I thought I'd slept for about fifteen hours and missed the talkback I'm leading on Tuesday, and one of my actor friends hugged me comfortingly (second time I've dreamt about him hugging me in the last few days), and then there was something about a car inside a bus? And then I woke up for real.

In other news, my parents are here in Pittsburgh!
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Zombie dream.

You know, what really bothers me is how frequent they've been lately. Is it Pittsburgh, or what?
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Zombie dream. I distinctly remember there being some Pontypool elements, with repeated words, but mostly it was my standard waxy gray zombies. It was in a universe where zombies were a recent but well-established threat, not post-apocalyptic at all, and I and my parents and the group of people we were living with had systems in place for dealing with daily life, like what to do if there's a stampede of people.

Don't remember the first half of the dream, really. I think it was exposition, kind of. Anyway, we come in on me and my parents wandering around the city on a gorgeous sunny day, and coming out onto the sidewalk when we see some friends. They're making stampede signals -- groups coming from both sides -- so we duck into a sheltered spot behind some stairs and wait it out. When it's done, we go up the stairs in a hurry to catch a bus to somewhere.

The bus looks like our RV inside, but very dark. I get in and start to sit down, and notice a rather mummified looking woman standing in front of my seat, behind the driver. I scoot over and sit next to Mom instead -- I almost sit on her lap, or on the far side of her, and then decide it's not fair to put her in harm's way and sit on the close side of her.

And naturally the zombie wakes up a moment later and comes for us. She throws her arms out to the sides as she comes, bracing herself against the seats. I start yelling at the driver that he has a zombie on his bus, while I hold her off with an arm across her throat. The driver yells jovially to relax, she'll be fine, and indeed a minute later her vision clears and she's a normal, if very dehydrated, person. "It's my sister," the driver explains, though she looks more like his mother. The woman says something breathless about not always being able to control it, so terribly sorry, but she'll try and give us the signal -- throwing her arms out and bracing against the seats -- so we have some warning.

The driver stops the bus by a mall and gets out. Mom and I follow him as he runs into the mall and up to the second floor, to a bank, to deposit some huge amount of money. While Mom and I wait, a woman next to us suddenly starts coughing and retching: the sign of oncoming zombie-ism. She's between Mom and me. I tell Mom to go downstairs and I'll meet her outside, go, now, and turn and go find another set of stairs. As go, I see more and more people with little gray patches of skin, starting to cough, and I start telling people I pass "There's an outbreak. Full-blown outbreak here." I get to the first floor and push past people coming into the mall, saying "Don't, guys, there's an outbreak," and hear a woman behind me say "Great, we're going to have a quar valley."

And then I woke up, shaking heart-pounding don't-you-dare-go-back-to-sleep et cetera.

I hate these dreams I hate these dreams I hate them.
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Nightmare. Apparently loosely based on The Exorcist, according to dream-knowledge, even though it didn't really resemble what little I know about The Exorcist. Maybe a little House of Leaves, too, considering that at one point I made an upstairs bedroom disappear by closing the door and flipping a switch, then turned to the room next to me, off the landing of the stairs; I looked at it, became terrified for some reason, slapped the light off and sprinted down the stairs, thinking Don't be silly. You know there was never a bedroom there before.

And then I was down in the kitchen and had three cats and was feeding two of them breadcrumbs and raisins to keep them from going upstairs or downstairs (the Siamese was doing this weird meowing-talking thing that, in retrospect, should have freaked me out; 'aaaaanng yooou! "You're welcome!"). And that was because the third cat, a brownish tabby, had gone downstairs and was possessed and when I started trying to hold her in a futile attempt to make her be better, make her be my cat again, make her behave, her pupils swallowed up her irises and she bit a chunk out of my cheek.

And there was something involving a guy in an astronaut/diving suit battling a tentacular horror, earlier.

And in short, I woke up shaking.

. . . Nice change from zombies, I guess?

I had a less horrifying dream earlier, around 6 AM, that involved casting votes from presidents of the future! I remember very little of that one except that at one point we were looking at a holographic representation of a dome built by Bloody Stupid Johnson that actually defied the laws of physics to the point that, when standing outside looking at it and thinking "What a remarkably large dome!" you were in fact inside it. Also, each party cast its opening vote for president by typing a Sekrit Phrase into a computer. Both parties had apparently gone to great lengths to come up with something amazingly corny and possibly crude, just so they could crow that the phrase was "now canon!" Also also, both parties were voting for Christ, although the Democrats were for some reason calling him Shin, like the Hebrew letter.

I think I woke up from that one because it was just weird. Although then I managed to work myself into some anxiety before I fell back asleep about packing for Athens, which may have contributed to the ensuing nightmare.
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Nightmare. Xenomorpho nightmare rather than zombie nightmare, but even then it followed the same basic rules the zombie nightmares do: people around me are turning in implacable monsters, and the best I can do is run to someplace that's somewhat defensible and wait for them to come for me.

Pools, people realizing their body isn't their own, and Cordelia Chase. )

So yeah. That was fun. I'm pretty certain there was a ton of other stuff earlier in the dream, but that's all I can remember now.
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Thanksgiving dinner was lovely -- tons of mashed potatoes, carrots and zucchini, and this very tasty lentils-and-walnuts thing. Plus cider and pumpkin pie and chocolate, of course.

I had this weird dream last night that I was a vampire involved in an early-morning riflery competition, and I was running around trying to stay in shadows as the sun came up, and ended up going out to the riflery competition entirely wrapped in oversized T-shirts and hoodies and hats so that I wouldn't burst into flames. (I lost the competition, but I didn't burst into flames!)
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Elements for a wake-up-shaking nightmare: A zombie that can not only climb, but can balance on top of a fence and open screen doors; a door with a malfunctioning deadbolt; your sister in harm's way while you try to make the lock work (sorry, [ profile] ceph); a setting of the house you grew up in.

ETA: 4 AM html is also rather nightmarish.
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Still alive. Had a little bit of a breakdown Tuesday night, but I seem to have things under control again.

Relatedly, last night I dream that I was assaulted by three guys (potentially trigger-y? I dunno, I don't want to take chances). )


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