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Responsible adulthood for the day:
  • Two more house inquiries sent
  • Taxes filled out (though not yet filed or paid)
  • FAFSA completed and submitted
Oof. I am all responsibled out. I'm a little brained out, too, though. Blargh.

ETA: In less adult news, my Heroes vid seems to have caught some wave or other and is nearing 1000 views. :O!!!

I should do another vid. *eyes Doctor Who and "Yellow Taxi Cab"* If roomie doesn't get on that Who vid to "I Kissed A Girl," I may have to do it myself.

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I done a vid!

Title: "It's the End of the World As We Know It"
Song: "It's the End of the World As We Know It," REM
Fandom: Heroes

Streaming at YouTube and iMeem. (But iMeem claims I don't have Flash enabled, so it won't let me watch it there. *frowns* Weird.)

Embedded here for your convenience! )
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Mailed my ballot. I wish I had a sticker that says "I Voted Today!" That would be sweet.

For the record, while I think the latest Daily Show was hilarious ("What the pfuck?"), I was not so pleased with the Wasilla segment. Mostly I was embarrassed -- way to shake the stereotype, guys -- but mostly I was annoyed -- way to see my home state derided on national TV. WOOHOO.

Ah, well. It'll all be over soon.

In totally unrelated news: Would anyone be interested in giving me some feedback on a (mostly finished) Heroes vid?
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For the record:

I am way too amused by the image of Sylar eating ice cream in "Landslide." Hysterical giggles every time. EVERY TIME.

Om nom nom ice cream.

PS: Zachary Quinto has pretty eyelashes. Just puttin' that one out there.

PPS: My God, I just realized I'm probably taking the exact same Speech class ZQ did. From the same teacher.

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Next vidding project:

"Yellow Taxi Cab," Matt Costa, Doctor Who.
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Vidding question. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing stuttering clips? I tried removing the first few frames to see if they were the offenders, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Or is this just an inevitable consequence of being cheap and using Windows Movie Maker?


Once again, there are a number of sections of this vid that I find frigging hilarious and that no one else will probably catch at all. >.> I should do liner notes or something.
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I figure it's a good thing if a moment of my own vid makes me laugh hysterically. Nobody else may think it's funny, but I sure as hell do.
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Tonight's Very Important Question:

If there is not already a vid of Peter Petrelli to "Purpose" from Avenue Q, why on earth not?

I really should get .avis of Heroes. (Because I still kind of really want to make a vid to "It's the End of the World As We Know It," pretty much purely so I can synch the line birthday party cheesecake jellybean boom with Sylar. *cough*) And I should watch the rest of s2 -- I read the TWoP recaps of the last few eps that I hadn't seen, and it sounded like it didn't suck as much as I was afraid it was going to when I stopped watching right before "Four Months Ago."
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Next idea for a vid:

Supernatural, boys on the road, items of faith, and Billy Idol's "Plastic Jesus."

But before I go vidding I need to figure out how to record stuff on this computer, and unpack. >.>

ETA: HaHAH, I have figured out Audacity! Zombie Radio auditions, here I come!

I know most of the people on my f-list who are involved with Milliways will have already heard about Zombie Radio, but some of you, gasp, are not involved with Milliways yet might have an interest. ([ profile] raininglight7, I'm looking at you, radio-boi.)

The Zombie Radio Project is a radio play/podcast produced by [ profile] wickedtrue. From the FAQ:

The Zombie Radio Project is an original radio drama based on the premise that a zombie apocalypse has happened, and now those not necessarily prepared for survival must do exactly that. This is a drama and character study, not a zombie hunter adventure.

There are 3 acts in the play, each one expanding focus from surviving in the domestic United States to the ramifications of total world government collapse. This is an international and multi-ethnic project with 40 different characters from around the world. There are Cold War vs. New Globalization politics, spy networks, international conspiracies, and the new question in our society ‘what do you do without the internet?’.

Massively cool from an acting, writing, and technical point of view, amirite? I've had the pleasure of seeing some of the script and concept develop, and seriously -- this is gonna be good.

Involvement isn't limited to voice acting, either! There are opportunities for sound designers, graphic designers, composers, publicists, and writers. Surf through the website; it won't take you too long, and it'll give you a much better idea of what's going on than my ramblings.

One of these days, I'll come to terms with the fact that being fascinated by zombies may actually be a decent method of coping with an utter terror of them, rather than just another example of my brain hating me. I probably still won't see 28 Days Later when that day comes, though.

ETA2: Further haHAH! I am unpacked and my room is clean and much more pleasant to be in. Opening the shades helped too. Funny how that works, huh? >.>
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I HAS A VID. (For public consumption, this time!)

Sam Wants to Be Evil. )
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Lost vid to the soundtrack of Candy Mountain.

Charlie can be Sawyer, Blue can be Locke, Pink can be . . . I dunno, Charlie? Just to confuse people?

And obviously Candy Mountain is the Hatch.


(In other vidding news, argh YED I love you but SO MUCH TALKYFACE. NOT conducive to interesting vids.)
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Things done thus far today:

1) Made it up to just over a minute on my vid. Mwahaha.

2) Read the introduction to the next textbook we're using in the Pirates class and realized that it really is the greatest class ever, because we get assigned to read porn. (Okay, technically that wasn't assigned for this weekend. Whatever. Academically sanctioned smut! AWESOME Y/Y?)

3) Walked down to the library and checked out The Eyre Affair.

Things still to be done today:

1) Act II of Richard III.

2) Work on the freaking Goya outline. WORK ON IT, SELF.

3) Ponder being evil to pups in celebration of my Milliversary. --What? You guys do it too. *eyes everything that went down on CHRISTMAS*

4) Food. Actually, food should come now, I think.


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