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I've now driven around the neighborhood twice without hitting any parked cars or pedestrians, or being hit by any trucks, and I've gone out by the airport, taken the car up to 35 mph, and avoided being hit by any semis or cars, and hitting any bikers (narrowly, on a couple occasions. Er. But always avoided!).

I begin to see a little bit why people consider driving such fun, but I'm still more nervous behind the wheel than I am enjoying myself. I want to live somewhere with decent public transit. Or where I can bike year-round, that'd work too. Or both!

In other news, heaven save me from my hormones. *facepalm* The guy who played Benedick in the West production is in the summer program I'm interning for. He's one of those attractive-and-knows-it, inveterately flirtatious manhos (he'd use the term to describe himself, I have no doubt, so I have no qualms using it) that I have a terrible tendency to fall head over heels in crush over. And I get to spend all of July seeing him every day.

I'm torn between giggling gleefully like a schoolgirl, and groaning in horror. Either way, it'll be a fun July.
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Went to my very first opera today -- Romeo et Juliette.

I, uh, may have fallen asleep during the balcony scene in the first act. I felt bad about it!

It was a good show, with awesome sets, fantastic singing, and good acting -- and at the end, as Romeo lies dying and sings to Juliet, Listen, Juliet! It is the lark!

Well. Ow, pretty much.

I still don't think I can forgive the Opera for the obnoxious radio ads though, which ran something like:

NARRATOR: Your brain on Shakespeare--

OBNOXIOUS NASALLY VOICED WOMAN: Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

NARRATOR: Your brain on Gounod's Romeo et Juliette--

SINGER: *beautiful aria*

Aaaanyway. Good show.

Also, I seem to have acquired a stage managing gig for mid-May. Woot!

One of these days, I'll write about closing night of Much Ado. Tonight is not that day.
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Sir boy, I will whip you from your foining fence! )

*loooong breath*

For all intents and purposes, I'm enrolled at Carnegie Mellon.

Pittsburgh, baby, here I come.
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Great Hunt commentary )

Iiiiin other news. Um. Do I have any other news? Not really. Rehearsal was a linethrough, minus Benedick, with our painfully-inexperienced-with-Shakespeare SM reading his lines. When, that is, she picked up the cues, instead of some other actor jumping in to do it.

I giggle a little at how many other people's lines I've already picked up. And then I swoon, because, Shakespeare. I will live in your heart, die in your lap, and be buried in thy eyes.

And, moreover, I will go with you to your uncle's.
No one ever includes that bit, but it cracks me up. *grin* Even when it's in context.

Ummm. I am in a much better mood than this morning, fueled by coffee, soup, a burrito, and WoT. Also the aforementioned SDL. *thumbs up* Good stuff, yeah?

Now I go tag slowtimes before tonight's concert.
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Nngh. It is so very Monday.

I have to call my stage manager and try to convince her I'm not a dumbass and I should be allowed to miss the first forty-five minutes of rehearsal (although actually, I would rather skip that headache and just talk my way out of the school event that would make me late).

I have to get in touch with the DM and explain why my mother doesn't want to let me get together with him tonight to finish working out character stats (because if we're going to be doing six-hour sessions every Sunday, she's "unwilling" to let me spend any more time on it. I don't understand why, exactly; she mentioned yesterday that she's afraid that if I get involved in tabletop RPGs and get invited to join campaigns in college, I'll end up spending all my time doing those and Milliways, because it'll be harder to turn down someone in the dining hall asking me to come roll up a character. Which -- no. It's much easier to turn down someone in real life, for me. Tabletop requires actual, physical, RL time out of my schedule, in big blocks; online RPGs, less so).

And I am, of course, tired on top of it, but I can't even take a nap during my free period, because I haven't been working on my lines and I have to do that. I had a dream this morning that the director gave me more and I was so screwed.

Nnngh. Life. I want to go back to bed.
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I'm playing Antonio, right? Only it's going to be Antonia. I don't know the play very well, or didn't, and I don't know how much y'all know. Antonio is Leonato's brother; Leonato is Hero's father and Beatrice's uncle; Hero and Beatrice are, of course, the romantic leads.

At one point, Hero's death is faked to make Claudio feel bad (it's a long story). Leonato, pretending that his daughter is dead, goes to Claudio and challenges him to a duel, even though Claudio's young and Leonato's old. The scene goes something like this:

Claudio: Sure, whatever, old man, I'll fight you but you're old.
Leonato: Whatever, punk, I'll--
Leonato: Um, bro--
Leonato: Dude, Antonio--
Antonio: Lemme at 'em!

And then something convenient happens to break it up; Benedick enters, I think.

So the treatment of this play? Is Italian gangs in 1950's New York. Don Pedro and Don Jon are rival gang leaders, Margaret wears a poodle skirt, that kinda thing. Antonia is the nice, well-established, middle-aged lady on the block, who sits on the stoop in her apron shelling peas. June Cleaver, is how I'm thinking of her.

Who nevertheless gets to CHALLENGE CLAUDIO TO A DUEL.


In much less exciting news, my asthma is showing an unpleasant tendency to be triggered by excercise, which it's never done before. This bears keeping an eye on.

ETA: *stares at Questionable Content* I totally helped convince a guy once that bagels came from Egyptian tombs, and Alaskan bagels were dug out of the permafrost.

The world is a small place.
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*eying rehearsal schedule for West's Much Ado and performance dates for ATY's Much Ado*


Thinking aloud, feel free to ignore )

So I could do it. It might suck, but it's feasible. Kinda.


ETA: Except it would mean, effectively, giving up the chance to test for my next belt rank in karate. Which is a definite drawback. Although, on the other hand, both shows would be done by mid-May, giving me about two months before leaving to maybe work on it.

Jesus. *headclutch* Also, doing both would mean no chance to do Ren Faire, or at least to do the fight show at the Faire.

Mail today contained a return receipts from Barnard, Hahvahd, and CMU, saying they'd received my forms yesterday.

It also contained a letter from Barnard saying "Look, we have your CSS and FAFSA, but we can't continue your award process 'til we have these forms." The letter's postmarked Feb 16 -- which should mean they have my forms now, and are continuing my award process.

Can you say SIGH OF RELIEF? I knew you could.
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Iiiii got cast in Much Ado. :D As Antonia, who I suspect is actually an Antonio, because Block likes to switch genders in Shakespeare.

This means, of course, that starting NOW, my free time goes down the tubes. First rehearsal is tonight at 4:15 (an hour and a half from now) 'til *checks schedule* whuf, 7:15. Mkay. Once I have a clearer idea of what's going on than OMG I'M ACTING AGAIN, there'll be a post about future availability for stuff. Yes.

*cheerful, but tired* Oof. We played John Williams' "Superman" in band today, which has a terribly fun chimes part, but which required me to stand for all hour+ we were working on it, plus I spent a chunk of the afternoon walking around to get lunch and then to my ride, so I'm worn out. I think I'll go take a quick nap and get some food before rehearsal.

(EEEE ACTING EEEE SHAKESPEARE. Yeah, I wish I'd gotten Beatrice, but there's always the ATY production next month I can try out for.)


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