Jun. 9th, 2009 08:08 pm
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I may have forgotten to eat much today and fainted at karate class.

Yes, yes, you all have permission to yell at me for being an idiot, because I really was an idiot.

BUT. It was, actually, HILARIOUS, because who should be there to save me when I started to go down but two hot black belts I have had crushes on on-and-off for years. I woke up to one of them putting my feet up on kicking pads, one of them sitting on the mats next to me, and my sensei hovering in the background looking worried.

Now, I grant you, whenever I faint (this is the third time I've ever fainted; it hasn't happened for about two years) I wake up feeling like I've been asleep for hours, with no idea where I am since I'm not in my bed. All three times I can remember dreaming before I wake up -- which is probably actually me being semi-aware of what's going on, but it sure feels like REM to me.

Anyway, my point is: can you blame me for being a little more disoriented than usual when I woke up to a two hot guys and my sensei? Bizarre but AWESOME AND HILARIOUS.

Also hilarious because I tried to get up on my own a couple of times and got this:

"Okay, sit up, here's some water. No, don't drink too much. Lie back down."
"I feel a lot bet--"
"Lie down."
"*meek* Osu*."

Yes, I'm eating and hydrating and staying off my feet as much as possible. Yes, I feel much better. Yes, I will eat three meals and continue to hydrate tomorrow. Did I miss anything?

*Osu = "yes sir" or "yes ma'am." Apparently it's also used in the Japanese military, along with dojos. ~*The more you know*~


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:29 pm
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1. I am having a deal of trouble picking between two beat poems for Speech class: St. Margaret Stepping From the Belly of the Dragon, by Margaret Randall, and He Prepares to Take Leave of His Hut, by Lew Welch.

2. I . . . may have been challenged to a cagematch with a guy twice my size yesterday? >.> (Well, not by him, but by one of his friends who wanted to know if I could beat him up. However, he did say that he thought he would win in a fight with me -- "The question is whether training can ever overcome insurmountable physical odds." "Do you think you're insurmountable?" "*patient* I think I'm twice your size." -- so that's kind of the same. He was very gentlemanly and good-humored about it all, though. It was fun.)
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I did successful handstands for the first time in my life last night at karate class.

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I, uh, seem to have been promoted to lead dramaturg on Mill on the Floss.



First day of classes went well; I've turned in my meal plan form so I can, y'know, eat, and I've done laundry, and I've talked to Doc about how the summer went and my plans for the year. So. Phoo. Maybe I'm back on top of this whole college thing?

I don't know, man, I don't feel ready to be back in classes. Oh, well.

(And I really don't feel ready to go to karate tonight. Mrr. Knee and ladybits say I should go and sit on the sidelines. Maybe I'll do that.)
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*sigh* Oh boy. My knee's been bothering me, so I e-mailed Dad (who's an MD) with a description of how it feels, and he wrote back with

... it sounds to me like you may be having some joint cartilage problem. I am no orthopod, but what you describe sounds like a problem with movement in the knee joint. Climbing stairs puts a fair amount of stress on the knee joint that walking would not. I think you need to see an orthopedist to have the joint looked at to see if it can be cleared up with a little cortisone (which would stop a problem that was purely inflammation) or whether there might be some mechanical issues with how the joint is actually functioning.

Awesome. Nineteen years old, physically fit, and now I might have joint inflammation. Nice, world.

Ugh. I am so tired. It's wet, but warm, and I seem to be hitting the point where I just do not want to be at school anymore. I keep having wistful thoughts of driving to Homer and eating at Bear Tooth, of wandering downtown and being shed on by my cat. I want to go home, and not have to deal with professors and readings and projects and research papers I don't have topics for.

After seeing Run Fatboy Run, I will never again be able to think of these sorts of moments as anything but The Wall. Alas that I do not have Simon Pegg nor Dylan Moran to chivvy me on.
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How on earth does an actor make it to twenty years old without ever having learned to stage fall?

I mean. I'm pretty sure this isn't the black belt talking -- karate has helped me with a number of stage combat moves, and vice versa -- but I learned how to fall backward and sideways looooong before I started karate, and I was in half a dozen shows where it was useful information before I turned 18. So how do actors get to CMU School of Drama, for goodness' sake, get to their sophomore or junior year, and still not know how to fall without endangering their joints? This is basic stuff, people! Isn't it?

I mean, I can forgive -- sort of -- the sword choreography. Stage fighting with a sword is complicated, and I sure as hell couldn't choreograph for it; I've had just enough training to think I could do a decent-looking job in a fight, but. Anyway. Swords require training. Learning to fall requires half an hour, and it's vital for everything from getting punched in the nose to being drunk! How do you not learn it?!

Sorry. I'm having an entire tech week's worth of OMG DO SHIT NOW GET IT DONE GET IT DONE crammed into about forty-eight hours, plus I have a homework due in a few hours that I don't have any information for, and right now I need to go find detergent and a burlap sack and those fucking daggers. Fuck, I think I'm just gonna make daggers out of duct tape and cardboard tonight.

ETA: What's that you say, props master? The props lists were due Saturday? And I have no chance of getting to the warehouse to search for props?

What's that you say, director? You knew that?

Well FUCK YOU TOO. *head in hands*

I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find a full length tablecloth and a burlap sack at this time of afternoon?
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Ultimately, I was up until about 4 AM finishing my World History paper. Which is kind of funny, I s'pose, since I was saying not two nights ago that here I am at college for almost a year and I still haven't pulled a night where I got less than about six hours of sleep.

Well, okay, I haven't pulled any nights where I got less than about four hours of sleep. Definitely that one.

Anyway. I really, really hated the prompt. I finally had to ask [livejournal.com profile] silveraspen to help me figure out what the hell one section was trying to say -- and then there was the third section, which I kept trying and trying to answer:

3. And what are the most important lessons you take from your assessment of these struggles as you engage the growing conflicts in the world today between the proponents of neoliberal capitalism and those groups that describe and challenge it as a renewed or intensified attack on “the commons”?

I honestly made myself nauseated trying to answer that, because every time I tried to agree with it, it came out pathetically -- pathetically -- sycophantic, but I had neither brain nor information to disagree with it.

Anyway. It's done. Both papers are done, and I still haven't read Captain Singleton, which we're discussing in PPP today, but oh well. Apparently we're also watching PotC in World History. *fingertwirl*

I'm wearing my "Shakespeare got to get paid, son" shirt, so the day has to get better from the way it started, even if I'm still sore as hell from lawnmower drills on Saturday (lawnmower drills, for those of you who've never heard of them -- I hadn't -- involve one partner on all fours, while the other parter grabs their hand and flips them about 170 degrees onto their side).
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Skipped karate last night in favor of doing some of the work I really should have done over the weekend, which worked out okay, actually.

Read Oleanna for the first time last night, too. (Though process at the end: "Oh my god, what a little bitch. *beat* Oh my god, Mamet, you son of a bitch, you just made me think that. *beat* Aaaagh. *headclutch*")

Then I wimped out, went to bed at midnight, got nine hours of sleep, and woke up to a thunderstorm.


All this morning needs now is coffee, I think, to be off to be a pretty good start.

PS: I should have a tag for posts specifically fueled by espresso, y/y?
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F-list! I have two Very Important questions for you.

1) If I say "Who needs donuts? I got love," does anyone know what I'm talking about?

2) Does anyone else dress in costumes? Or view their clothing as costume pieces? Like, I was thinking today about my leather jacket. It's a brown bomber jacket, about two sizes too big for me, and when I wear it I think that if I lived in SPN-verse, I'd look like a Hunter wearing her dad's jacket (it's totally big enough to hide weaponry under, but don't tell the administration I said that. Or the NSA).

Or then there are the gypsy/pirate ensembles (which I end up in on a regular basis, because I'm always wearing my hair in a bandanna), or the messenger-girl . . . you know? Does anyone else do this -- put on personas? And not just nebulous "I feel badass today!" but very specific characters.

A couple of the roomie's friends apparently were accosted either downtown or on Craig St. Which seems weird to me, because they both strike me as much more self-confident and likely to say "Fuck off" to someone bothering them -- not to mention they're bigger than me. So . . . the karate training is working?

They also asked if I would be their bodyguard, after expressing vague freakouts over the fact that I own aluminum nunchucks. Which, considering the article [livejournal.com profile] buongiornodaisy linked me to last night, is not as attractive as it could be (although apparently that woman was freaking badass).
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Just 'cause. I'm feeling irreverent.

For the Christians )


For the Jews )

Thankyew thankyew. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

Actually, I appear to have some stuff of substance to say, too.

We went out to Kaladi Bros. -- the local coffee roaster, for you Outsiders, except for the Seattlites and Denverites who sort of have branches -- and picked up an application for me for the summer. I'm still sort of considering working as an Assistant Director/SM for ATY's summer Shakespeare show, but . . . I'm not sure it's worth it. Mom pointed out last night that I could work as a barista and AD/SM. It'd be stressful, but very real world.

So yeah. I'm considering it. I would really like to work at Kaladi's at some point soon, though. I want to get experience in a service job, and I'd like to do it when I don't have to use my meager earnings from said service job to pay rent/food.

State of the me )

And I'm going to work out regularly this semester, dammit. I am. And I'm going to take ridiculously copious notes on my Pirates, Pickpockets, and Prostitutes class.

Did I ever mention that out of seven classes last semester, I got two Bs and five As? I'm pretty smug about that.

. . . Suddenly finding it necessary to pack a Complete Works of Shakespeare sure does a good job of filling up those empty corners in my luggage.
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So much done today! :O

None of it particularly productive, but all enjoyable. I got up and finished watching The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with my dad. Yay, father-daughter bonding over historical inaccuracies. )

Then I hung out with a good friend for hours and saw Sweeney Todd with her. Unpopular fandom opinion? )

And then more talking with friend, and soon karate, and then home by eight-ish to tag massive numbers of slowtimes.

Also, I feel like I look surprisingly hot today. *thumbs up*
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I think I'm allowed to be pissed off when Sensei has us bobbing up and down in seiza bows for ten minutes like fucking Drinking Ducks while the senpai's voice gets increasingly raw from yelling "Rei," and then tells us to do two hundred push-ups, because we're still not loud enough to meet his standards.

I'm not sure if I'm pissed at him, or at the rest of the class for not shaping up faster, but either way my blood pressure is a little high.

*manically cheerful* Otherwise it was a great class!

Well, on the actual plus side, I had a great omelette this morning at Snow City Cafe.
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I'm a big fan of this "free wireless in airports" thing. :D

Particularly because it means that even though I forgot to pack the map to my hosts' house in Seattle (they live in Renton; no one knows how to get to their house; Dad sent me a map for the taxi-driver), I can look up the e-mail and write down the directions.

The Intertubes to the rescue!

Now, of course, I have about two hours to kill. My mother is a big believer in getting places early, so I've absorbed that attitude since, y'know, birth (this is incredibly ironic, because throughout six years of junior high and high school, I was consistently five-minutes late to school because my mother believed that getting me to the front of the school at 8:29 meant I would totally be in my class at the other end of the building by 8:30. The only time I ever got detention was because of tardies).

There was a girl on the bus who had been waiting for a 12:40 bus which never came, aiming to get to the airport by 1:40 for a 2:20 departure time. Reasonable enough theory, I guess, but it didn't work -- the bus didn't come until 1. Actually, the theory makes me twitch a lot too. Who on earth would rely on a bus system, especially the Pittsburgh bus system, to get them to the airport with only forty minutes to check in and get through security? A CRAZY person, that's who. Oh well. I hope she made it; she was quite nice.

I would say "Entertain me!" but I probably shouldn't spend long enough on the computer to be entertained by y'all. My battery will only last so long, and I couldn't find a socket here at the gate.

OH. I meant to post about this last night and got distracted by . . . something. I don't remember.

Weight stuff. )

Mental health, I guess? I'm in good shape -- tl;dr )

Life's pretty good. :)
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I'm kind of falling asleep, and it's only 10 PM. *shakes fist* Damn you, finals!

I appear to have agreed to be an officer in a karate/tae kwan do club here. Um. Exciting? Mr. Tanaka'll be interested, I'm sure. We'll see how well it actually works out next semester.

Also, I (kind of sort of) met the guy who directed Tommy tonight. (He also directed the movie version of Rocky & Bullwinkle, which I'm not sure is something to be bragged about -- but hey, he produced The Iron Giant, which is much more positive.) The awesomeness of CMU Drama strikes again!
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(Surprisingly tiring) accomplishment for the evening:

Figuring out how the basics of Regina Spektor's "Us" on the piano.

I need to figure out how to apply pyschoanalysis to the theatre before 10 tomorrow. I wonder if Nick got his hands on those cigars . . .

Relatedly: The psychoanalysis of Darth Vader.


Unexpected awesome of today: I was copying stuff for Doc to put in his tenure file, and he came by the copy room to get a printout. While he was waiting, he started doing side kicks (Doc first met me while I was practicing a kata).

Not to be outdone, I did a roundhouse kick. He pointed out I was dropping my guard when I kicked, and dropped into a fighting stance to demonstrate. So did I, to correct myself.


Thirty seconds of spontaneous sparring in the middle of the hallway, ending when I "backfisted" his jaw.


"Yes," he said, and high-fived me.
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HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP I saw a girl practicing karate in the MPR and stopped and watched her and she finished her kata and came over and it turns out she does shito-ryu and we're practicing together Tuesday EEE.

The other exciting thing of tonight is that I saw Leon Katz speak tonight about Getrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas. He was a little hard to follow at some points, as he had a tendency to slur his words, but he was very entertaining nevertheless, and I came away with some interesting quotes and notes.

What got me, though, was when he quoted Alice about Gertrude. He worked with Alice for four months deciphering some of Gertrude's never-before-seen notebooks. Just before he left her apartment one day, she said that she could never fully tell him what it was like to live with Gertrude. And she said this (I hope I'm getting it right):

When she walked in, the room lit up; the day lit up; the year lit up; my life lit up.

Katz had trouble getting that out. It hit me hard.

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.
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So I was lazy and didn't go to karate (though I practiced katas in the multipurpose room downstairs and got at least one interested passerby).


I spent all evening with the other [Adiva] devising pirate costumes, and eventually making a TOTALLY RIDICULOUS tricorner hat out of cardboard and duct tape.

I haven't laughed so hard in months.

There will be pictures on the morrow, once we find someone with a camera.

So much for getting a new pup into the bar tonight. *unrepentant*
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. . . That's awkward.

The karate club meets in the Skibo Gym and I neglected to find out exactly where that is. And it's not listed on the campus map.

*eyes [livejournal.com profile] varadia* Any hints?

I suppose really I should worry about finishing my homework before 6, first, since having homework done is a prerequisite to going to karate at all.

But really, says my body to myself, I should worry about eating some freaking lunch, self, because that's a prerequisite to THINKING.


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