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Sir boy, I will whip you from your foining fence! )

*loooong breath*

For all intents and purposes, I'm enrolled at Carnegie Mellon.

Pittsburgh, baby, here I come.
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Helloooo, financial aid award from CMU.

Also also, hello, that explains SO much.
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Despite the prominent phrase "Barnard will not accept any financial aid applications begun after the deadline," they both want me and want to give me $25k.



BITE ME, HARVARD AND-- wait, I can't insult Columbia if I go to Barnard.

Now I have to make a decision. Crap.
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It would've been cool to be able to say I'd been accepted at Harvard.

Ah, well.

ETA: Equally cool to be able to say I'd been accepted at Columbia.

But you know what?


(Vindictive? Moi?)
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Helloooooo, Official Fat Envelope from CMU.

(No, seriously, that's what it says on the envelope. "This is the official fat envelope.")

Helloooooo, crisis of "Is this really what I want to do?"

This is not unexpected, mind -- I had something of an anxiety attack a few weeks back about whether I really want to be in a conservatory, studying something as esoteric as dramaturgy, do I even want to do dramaturgy, oh god what will I do with my life, et cetera et cetera et cetera -- but it is more immediate than it was then.

There's no question that I'm going to accept, of course, and very little question that I'll attend. Their preliminary estimate for aid, based on our financial status alone, was astouding, and we haven't even started talking merit scholarships yet.

Nevertheless, I'm e-mailing Doc to ask about what kind of options there are for transferring between departments, stuff like that. Because if midway through sophomore year I discover that lighting design fulfills me in a way analysis never can (not an impossible situation by any means -- I can't describe how much I liked lighting this summer), I'd like to be able to go pursue that.

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If you got an acceptance call from Carnegie-Mellon today, raise your hand.

*raises hand*

*maaaaybe is still grinning like an idiot four hours after the call*

("I got the green light from admission," said Doc, "and today, Boevers and Hines [the heads of the Tech program] came into my office to say 'You son of a bitch! How'd you get [Adiva]?' And I had to tell them 'Gee, I guess our program is just better.'"

I think you are making this up, I thought, but I don't care because that's an awesome image, and as my pappy used to say says, one should never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.)
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*eying rehearsal schedule for West's Much Ado and performance dates for ATY's Much Ado*


Thinking aloud, feel free to ignore )

So I could do it. It might suck, but it's feasible. Kinda.


ETA: Except it would mean, effectively, giving up the chance to test for my next belt rank in karate. Which is a definite drawback. Although, on the other hand, both shows would be done by mid-May, giving me about two months before leaving to maybe work on it.

Jesus. *headclutch* Also, doing both would mean no chance to do Ren Faire, or at least to do the fight show at the Faire.

Mail today contained a return receipts from Barnard, Hahvahd, and CMU, saying they'd received my forms yesterday.

It also contained a letter from Barnard saying "Look, we have your CSS and FAFSA, but we can't continue your award process 'til we have these forms." The letter's postmarked Feb 16 -- which should mean they have my forms now, and are continuing my award process.

Can you say SIGH OF RELIEF? I knew you could.
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1) Mailed the last of my financial aid stuff today. HAH.

2) It's been decided that should an opportunity ever arise, I should use Deadwood pancakes as an audition piece. Just for the incongruity. *uses appropriate icon*

3) Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, and as I'm 18 now, that means I'm expected to fast. I'm going to try it (abstinence on Fridays in Lent is dead easy, because I'm already vegetarian, but this is a different proposition). There'll be some thoughts on this and spirituality and me, only not right now, because it's late and my brain is dead.

4) Tomorrow my peer-taught proposal is due. *nervous*

5) Tomorrow I also find out if I got cast in Much Ado. *ANXIOUS*

6) I have some really awesome, smart, supportive friends out there in the Internets.

7) Stout ice cream tastes funny. One more strike in my vague experimentation to figure out if I'll actually be interested in alcohol once I'm legal.
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I am SO SICK of applications. *flails at them*

But there's the Presidential Scholar one done, which actually gets some sullenly granted points for giving me a chance to write about a) what a small-town bumpkin I am and how much I like it, b) how I am like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and c) how vitally significant chopping a tree down was to the development of my character.

Hmph. Silly feds.

(Actually I really hope I get this one. Bargaining chip!)

Greeks Bearing Gifts commentary )

I'm gonna need a Torchwood tag, at this rate.
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RL deadlines

Top priority )

RP stuff

Urgh, people-wrangling )

I really ought to be more specific about that stuff, but. *shrug*

*looks it over* Well, it doesn't look so bad laid out like that.
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Bullet points are your friend when you didn't get much sleep.

*First, I poke avatarplot people to check their e-mail and tag where discussed. There is progress, yes? Let's make it more progress? I want to be done with thsi baby.

*Got all my tax forms mailed in. *pumps fist* Harvard has some instituion-specific forms to finish, but we should be done with those soon. I'm pretty sure I missed something or other on the Barnard app, but at this point I'm beyond caring. Their huge bloody packet of papers is in, so hah.

Check back with me on the "beyond caring" bit when I start having to grovel.

*You know you've been spending too much time RPing when you dream in AIM chat format.

*Dad's party was a success, even if I do dislike making smalltalk. We have very funny friends. Of course, now the cat is extremely needy, but that's hardly a change from the norm.

*Okay, here's the thing about the Lake Party? I sit down here writing about how nice the sun and the grass and the just-right-for-swimming water in, and then I go upstairs and there's a foot and a half of accumlated snow on the deck outside the windows. And that makes me go "D:"

But those threads are well, well worth it, so.

ETA: Oh, also? We may not have broken LJ, but we sure made my computer complain.

*See that icon? That's part of a Warhol-style print I made during the intensive, repeated six times and with the highly pretentious text Nay, let them only see us/While we wear the mask underneath. Aaaand apparently it's getting entered in a district-wide art show, if the art teacher decides it'll fit. Which I suspect she will, since she's the one who asked me to bring it in.

So, uh. *thumbs up* Something else to put on the resume.
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*laughing hysterically*

Dad just found the 2005 tax forms I need to finish my financial aid applications. He's been looking for these since Friday.

How did he find them?

By vacuuming and running across them.

At which point he looked up at the ceiling and yelled "I HATE it when You write like some fourth-grade hack!"

All is not necessarily right with the world, but it sure as hell just went up a few notches.
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. . . College e-mails are surreal.

I mean. I guess an e-mail from "New Student Services" with the subject Vandal Friday would appeal to some people . . . 'Cept it's not what it sounds like. It's a standard "Come see our college!" plug from the University of Idaho. Whose mascots, apparently, are Vandals.

Man, does that inspire some weirdness in Moscow, ID, or what? "Look at what those damn vandals did to my store!" "Hey, those Vandals are a hard-working bunch!" "No, not those, someone -- oh never mind."
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Apparently, DD ships Nita/Ronan.

"Whack [someone] like a coelacanth" is my new favorite euphemism ever.

ETA: Also, I just compared myself to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle for one of the essay prompts in the Presidential Scholar application, which I feel kind of wins.
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Found appropriate shirts for Gen and Mir's projects (that offer is still open), which I count as a win.

Um. Also. *muffled, from hiding place beneath desk* If I decided to develop Academy!Charles a little more for [ profile] defy_ka, would anyone be interested in playing with him? 'Cause the other option is for me to continue writing fic, and, um, if my brain heads in the directions I expect, that will be very doomy indeed.

(OH ALSO I had this thought. Meg is totally Simon. It all works! The brilliant older sibling, nevertheless outstripped by the younger sibling, who would stop at nothing to protect the younger. Although Meg rescuing Charles from the Academy would be a very different escapade than Simon rescuing River -- boundaries of space and time mean a lot less in this 'verse -- and the aftermath would be very different, starting with the involvement of their parents.


ETA: *blinks at phone*

Uh. That was the local rep from Harvard calling to schedule an interview.


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College applications: (n.) Sudden bursts of frenzied activity resulting in family trips to the airport on the night of the deadline to mail almost-forgotten bits of paperwork.


*baleful look at Presidential Scholar application* And that sonofabitch is next, and it's got a received by deadline. Oh, no, nothing reasonable like "postmarked by" for the feds. *mutter mutter mutter*
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Columbia and CMU financial aid forms = defeated. Mostly, anyway -- I'll have to mail them tax return stuff, but I've got the lion's share done.

Mid-year reports = delivered to Natalie for finishing, and will be mailed tomorrow.

Boo freaking yah.

Time for foods.
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After an hour and a half of karate in the morning, I feel really bad and want to do nothing more than sit someplace with water and pant.

After an hour of karate in the evening, I feel great and could cheerfully continue for another half hour. Not always, of course -- it depends on things like how much I've eaten and drunk -- but often.

Makes me half-tempted to give up Saturday morning classes and just focus on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Only half, though. Going three times a week is undoubtedly keeping me in better shape than going just twice.

Anyway. Nights like tonight are what keep me going there, nights when things just feel right, even though I'm out of breath and sore. A surprisingly large part of it is being able to see myself in the mirrors and think, oh so vainly, "I look badass!"

What can I say? I'm a visual person. Also vain. *grin*

Then, of course, I come home and discover that Columbia's financial aid app has to be postmarked by Feb. 1, and then my printer wouldn't work and my computer kinda froze. So that kinda sucked. *eyeroll* But I still feel pretty good. Karate makes me feel like I can do anything -- even deal with college apps.
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wtf exhaustion.

Two academia related events of the day:

1) Where did English come from?, asked the eighth grader. )

2) Joss Whedon has a whole section of academic study to himself, said the Adiva to her parents. )

Productive day, I'd say. Got some college app stuff distributed, got a sponsor for my peer-taught, and saw the rest of Cool Hand Luke.

And now I'm going to take a nap.
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*flops again, this time with a grin*

Teacher recs and transcripts have all been bundled up (after a brief moment of panic when I thought I'd lost the letters from one teacher, and another when I thought Columbia wanted the Mid-Year Report along with everything else) and mailed out.

I think it's nap time, and then probably shower time, and then maybe hammer time RP time. That, or clean my room time.


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