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. . . Will someone write me fic where Brittany is the Slayer and Sue Sylvester is her Watcher? Does that already exist somewhere?
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So![ profile] bookelfemade a post of "some TV ladies who are both a.) completely awesome and b.) not white." I like this idea!

As I commented, though, I'm having some trouble thinking of awesome ladies of color in the shows I watch. Which really, when you think about it, makes this post more important. Sure, partly that reflects the fact that I just don't watch that much TV -- but it also reflects the fact that a lot of shows have either one awesome lady of color, or none at all.

So here's my list of awesome ladies, and then I think I'll tack on some awesome gentlemen.

These ladies are going to kick your ass with awesome and you're going to love it. )

There may be more to be added to this post, and there will be one later of awesome gentlemen on these shows who are not white. Who would you add to this list?

ETA1: A few more!

America's Next Top Model. )

ETA2: And one more!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Things aren't perfect. That's why I'm making this post.
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So last night, hanging out with BFF one more time before she goes to France and I go to Pittsburghh, we were like "Let's watch an episode of Buffy!" And BFF was like "I have seasons 1 and 5 on DVD. Pick an ep."

So we looked at Wikipedia and I was like "Well, I know 'The Body' is really good, but I don't feel like watching that the last night I'm hanging out with my BFF for MYRIAD reasons. *scroll up* *scroll down* *scroll up* Oooh, hey, the episode with Warren's robot girlfriend! Let's watch that!"

So we did! And we were like "omg Nicholas Brendon is so cute even when his hair is AWFUL" and "jkjlfda James Marsters" and "jkjfkdsa Anthony Stewart Head" and "hahaha she threw Spike through a window" and "wtf Ben?" and it was great.

And then the last five minutes or so, of Buffy and April on the swings, were "..... shut up I'm not sniffling."

AND THEN there was "Oh, right, we forgot, 'The Body' is the VERY NEXT EPISODE so guess what the final image of the episode is?"

Screw you, Joss.

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The final product:


Robert Pattison is really freaking hard to draw, but I'm damn proud of the other two.
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So recently I got a key to the Drama building's computer cluster.

And realized that there's a scanner in here. And Photoshop on all the computers.

Which means I can actually work on the pictures I draw on my crappy lined notebook paper in a way that's not taking a picture with my crappy webcam and trying to make it look not crappy with my crappy GIMP Photoshop knockoff.

Which means I can bring you works in progress like this!

Team Buffy )

Speaking of Twilight, at some point I may rant about this clip and how much the fact that this guy is filming his violence against Bella makes my skin crawl (it's not the violence against her that makes me twitch, it really is the camera in his hand), and I'll relate it to the feminist theory we've been reading about the male gaze in cinema, but right now I'm too busy just feeling my skin crawl. And I'm hungry. I should go eat.

YAY SCANNER. If anyone with the appropriate skill set and too much time on their hands wants to color the stuff I upload, lemme know.


Mar. 20th, 2008 01:02 pm
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I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I knew given enough time this would happen.

I HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE UNREGISTERED. I can't register to vote in PA, I'll lose my student loans and my permanent fund dividend. And I guess if I can't find someone unregistered, I'll have to show up at 4:45 and wait around afterwards and try to get a picture and be like "HI, ZACHARY QUINTO. Will you sign this thing for my friend (formerly) at UPitt who couldn't be here today? :DDDD ALSO HERE HAVE A PAPER PENGUIN."

Or something along those lines. FUCK, I DON'T KNOW. HOLY CRAP, GUYS.

Suddenly every cool thing in the WORLD is happening at once. Kate Bornstein is gonna be at UPitt next week; I was just told today about the Rhodopi Theatre Collective, which creates theatrical pieces based on myths every summer in the mountains of Bulgaria, around Thrace; I'm trying to make mp3s to audition for Buffy Between the Lines; and ZACH QUINTO is going to be here tomorrow. I just. Holy crap.

And I don't have work this afternoon, so I have a few hours where I can either do fun stuff or responsible stuff, or both!, while I have energy.
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Okay, so, when the Young Wizards movies start getting made? Joss Whedon should direct (no, I seriously mean that. Joss does gut-wrenching sacrifice well, which is a recurring theme in YW, to say the least, but he does humor well too. Compare this scene to Joss-ish banter and tell me I'm wrong. Not to mention kickass female lead! Even if she does less kicking ass and is more ass-kicked, in SYWtBaW).

And then, because Joss apparently likes recycling actors, Alan Tudyk can play Carl, Seth Green can play the Lone Power in the first movie. Maybe Amy Acker could voice Fred? *rimshot* I'm trying to come up with parts for Summer Glau and Nathan Fillion, but coming up blank.

And David Boreanaz can play Johnny, the Irish European Advisory.


I mentioned I got called back for Soundbytes, the a cappella group, right? That's today in about two hours. *excited!*
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I just.

Why couldn't Angelus have been German or something. German's practically easy.

Why did it have to be Irish.

And why did he have to have the precursor to the Washstache. Why, God?
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*watching Buffy 3.8, "Lover's Walk," slightly spaced*

Oz: *perfect boyfriend*

Willow and Xander: Blah blah blah.

Joyce: Carnegie-Mellon has a wonderful design curriculum--


She says it wrong. :P

I really need a tartan icon.

ETA: And now I have one! Although I may take out the tartan part, because it doesn't look as cool as I'd hoped. Then it'll be a stealth!CMU icon.
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Soooo Eliza Dushku.

I would pretty much tap that in a heartbeat.

Oh, Seth Green, too.

And possibly David Boreanaz, if he promised not to randomly do tai chi. (Doing tai chi together is a different story.)

Also, Anthony Stewart Head is my hero for the way he uses his voice, but I probably wouldn't tap that.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ.


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