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 So I have to have a new phone, because my current one is dying a slow and painful death and I'm tired of it. I just ordered a new Nexus 5, which should be here by next week, and I'm pleased about that.

What I am not pleased about is that I don't think there's any way for me to keep my current 907 number, at all. I'm planning on signing up for a new Lower 48 plan with T-Mobile, and they won't port over a 907 number because they have no coverage in Alaska. The only major company that currently does is AT&T. And Google Voice also won't port over a 907 number, because they don't have any kind of deal with my carrier.

So I'm shit outta luck. So long, number I've had since high school. You have about a week left to you and then I have to relegate you to that corner of my brain that still remembers my dad's cell number from elementary school.

I don't know why, exactly, this is upsetting me so much, but it really is. Mainly it just seems like it's going to be such a goddamn hassle to update my phone number everywhere, including in my own head, and if I want to forward calls from my 907 number to whatever my new 206 number will be, we'll presumably have to keep the number with the Alaska carrier, which is so stupid.

I shouldn't complain; I'm getting a new phone with a cheaper monthly cost and better data. It just feels a little like severing a physical tie to Alaska, to childhood, and something about that is so scary and sad that I've got a lump in my throat. 

I'll be okay. And once I've got my new phone number, I'll let y'all know and if you would like it, we can work something out.

(I might be less upset if I could find ANYTHING on Google Voice that I liked. There are a couple numbers with my surname, but nothing with my given name, nothing with "alaska," and I can't come up with any good Shakespeare references that get results. BOO.)
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Come home from writing group to find a dude asleep in the hallway;

while talking to him, spot another tenant poking her head out the door down the hallway, who shrugs when I make eye contact with her, just as bemused as I am;

call the building manager, who tells me to call the cops;

while on the phone with 911, discover that the dude has vanished;

hang up after the 911 operator says, blithely, “oh! Well, call back if he comes back.”

(Find myself very jumpy when the building manager knocks on the door some little time later to check and see what happened.)

ETA: OH, but on the plus side, I broke 35,000 words on NaNo at the write-in. \o/! Hypothetically that means I could slack off down to 1500 words a day for the next ten days!

And, you know. Spend those extra 100 words on Yuletide, or something.
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Due to some things I wanna get checked out to make sure this too too solid flesh is functioning correctly, I finally did what I should have done a year ago and got myself into the actual Group Health system so I can schedule a physical and get a referral.


Adulthood is weird, but GHC is thus far pretty solid. )

In other news, I sold pies at my old place of employment today. )

AND I got paid, so today was just, like, adulthood all over the place. Yay? Sure, yay. It's Friday night now and I am going to deposit my checks, shop for video games, kick back and write.
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 Things to do over the next two days in order of importance:
  • Call about phone repair hahaha "yeah, with that one, it might be better just to replace it with a used phone." GREAT.
  • Print medical history form, read consent form, etc
  • Answer email from Ballet Client, send newsletter copy
  • Post time-sensitive blog post
  • Schedule non-time-sensitive blog post
  • Chill with childhood friend tonight
  • Write tonight
  • Style wig for Thursday
  • Tag back threads everywhere
... Not so bad, right?

I wish I had regular coffee in the house. x___x

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Some days I rhapsodize about how great working on the pie truck is; some days I start work at 1:30, end at 10:30, and don't get to bed until midnight.

Guess what today was!
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New favorite completely lazy/completely worn-out dinner:

Dirt-simple recipe for pasta and eggs, as described to me by my aunt and uncle and then modified for my pantry. )

Also, as great as the food and wine was in Italy, oh my GOD Deschutes Obsidian Stout my one true love I missed you come to meeeeeee.
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 HA. Today I managed to wrangle half a dozen people into a meeting onto Tuesday AND I scheduled a hair appointment for next weekend AND I bought a bunch of produce at the farmer's market.


Now I just want to nap the naps of the just.
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I thought this job was not stressful! Perhaps I was wrong?

(Nah, I'm pretty sure it's the genes.)
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 --Aheh, I just found two white hairs. That's three since graduation. Looks like Mom's genes throw true.
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A Tale of Two Health Care Providers: the thrilling saga of how I spent yesterday and this morning demanding things from people on the phone, and how I finally left COBRA and joined the GI Joes.

That last part might be an exaggeration for effect.
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A Day in the Life. Or, what adulthood looks like for an aspiring writer in Capitol Hill on the first day of February in 2013.

I think I'm going to have another post soon reflecting on adulthood through the lens of Diana Wynne Jones' comments about how there seems to be an idea that "growing up" means "turning off your imagination." Maybe tomorrow -- this daily blogging thing seems to be working out reasonably well.
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One and a half days to the weekend, one and a half days to the weekend, one and a half days . . .
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You know, the first half of 2012 was pretty rough in a lot of ways. I started anti-anxiety meds. I had more than one meltdown in spite of them. I was often hard on myself, because someone was being hard on me. I -- and all of Anchorage -- lost someone beautiful to suicide.

But I made it through. And in September, I walked four hundred miles to Santiago. And in October, I moved to a new city. And in November, I wrote a novel. And in December, I worked.

And today, I finally got myself a bookshelf and finished unpacking my books, and strung up my little Christmas lights (only a week late!), and my itty-bitty living space feels like home.

This picture cleverly hides the pile of un-put-away clothes I'm sitting on.

For those of you on this side of the world, where it's still December 31st, I hope that your night tonight is warm and safe and full of light and laughter. And for all of you, no matter where or who you are, I hope that 2013 is good to you. I hope that 2013 sees you home.
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so cold

so sleepy

so don't wanna go to work

OH but it's a short day and then I get to buy bookshelves finally and then I get tomorrow off, so, that's something.

Okay, self, get out of bed and make coffee, dammit.
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Me: I didn't have an actual dinner. I had beer and cookies.

Roommate Zoidberg: ...


Roommate Zoidberg: YEAH.
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I'm so tired, but I am terribly excited because TONIGHT I GET [personal profile] ladysingsthe IN MY APARTMENT AND NEXT WEEK I GET [personal profile] newredshoes.

And I got a temp assignment so I am MAKING THE MONEYS AGAIN.
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Thing One:

I went to a really good interview at a temp agency yesterday! The lady I'm working with was very positive, very open to what I wanted (eg, higher pay for jobs a long way away) and what I didn't want (not cold calling), very encouraging when my stated career goals were "Uhhh ... academia?" and knew EXACTLY which organization I was talking about when I said I'd had a bad experience with cold calling in the past.

And perhaps most importantly, in the corporate orientation/safety video they had me watch at the outset, they specified that their staffers' physical and mental/emotional safety and comfort were high priority, and that staffers are not expected to stay in assignments that were causing them mental/emotional discomfort. Best thing I heard all day.

And it's such a relief to have that over and done with and know that I can relax somewhat in the job-hunting, because there's someone else working on it on my behalf as well.

Thing Two:

Look, a bandwagon!

Pick a character* I've written and I will give and explain the top five** ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

* Try to make it someone I've written either often (including characters I RP'ed) or recently in order for me to answer. [Adiva sez: NaNoWriMo characters are totally on the table.]
** May not actually be five.

(I am still working on those ficlet prompts, slowly but surely! Predictably the first one I sat down to ballooned in seconds.)


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