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 So . . . I still have a certain level of skepticism about Gotham for several reasons, but every time I see the previews I just really want to play tiny!Bryce. Tiny sad pre-Batman! What's not to love?

Also, seriously, I just love Jim Gordon a stupid amount.
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Floating, 2/12/14 [photo]

Vengeance, the Night, and Feeling Like A Fake Fan: A longish and somewhat self-indulgent meditation on comics, gatekeeping, and Batman. I'm reeeeally tired today so this is not as coherent as I'd like it to be, I think, but that's okay. Maybe I'll return to the theme sometime.
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I have a bevy of things!

First, most importantly and most seriously, [personal profile] conuly and her family are facing foreclosure, and anything you can pitch in would be a help.

Less important stuff )
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Discussion of Batman and nuclear bombs, including the realistic results of a detonation like the one in The Dark Knight Rises. )

Conclusion 2: why on earth do I not have a Batman icon yet?

Morning ETA: Still can't rationalize how Bats gets out of the blast zone in time to survive. How much protection would he have underwater? Does he have a fridge to hide in?
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Business on the Wayne: Gotham's princess opens up about fame, family, and the future
Ten years ago, if you saw the name “Roberta Wayne” in print, it was almost certainly emblazoned across the cover a gossip magazine and paired with speculation about what -- or who -- Gotham’s most famous wild child was doing after sunset. Theoretically in her junior year of college, Wayne was a paparazzo's dream and a parent’s nightmare, spotted night after night at parties and clubs, trying on Ivy League schools like a fashionista at a boutique, rumored to be dating everyone from B-list celebrities to her professors.

One year later, Wayne returned to Gotham to attend the high-profile appeal of the man who murdered her parents -- and then disappeared so thoroughly for nearly a decade that she was presumed dead. Her reappearance two years ago after her seven-year absence was hailed as a much-needed miracle for Wayne Enterprises. Her prompt return to her playgirl ways, though, was a godsend only for the tabloids.

Wayne laughs off questions about her college years these days, although her laughter isn’t without a bitter edge. “It was impossible not to get caught in a compromising position those days. A photographer signed up for one of my classes once to try and get pictures of me. Joke’s on him, I never went.”
Consider this as 25% stand-alone fic and 75% Bryce OOM.

Llllllllol I am not gonna get another thousand words on NaNo done tonight. WHOOPS. At least I finally have this out of my system.
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Two caveats before I start:

1. I have not seen Star Trek and do not intend to any time soon; I have read a number of reviews, both positive and negative, and synopses that treat on the issue I am about to discuss.

2. I am putting this behind a cut partly because of length and partly because I'm sure some people are tired of debating the casting thing. I am also cutting because the casting thing is technically a spoile,r because the studio and Abrams went to great lengths to make the casting thing a spoiler. I am extremely unhappy about the fact that I feel obligated to spoiler cut this, because it should never have been a spoiler. For a more eloquent explanation of my feelings, check out this post. I shouldn't even have to say it, but SPOILER: IT'S ABOUT THE SPOILER.

So this is me boycotting Star Trek: Into Darkness -- explicitly because of the casting, with a side order of mixed reviews on the movie as a whole. I know people who found it really enjoyable, and it sounds like there are elements that I would like (IE, John Cho, forever), but.

And now, a cut. TL;DR: Abrams, I am eyeroll, and Nolan, son, I am fucking disappoint. )
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This week in utterly insane Batman canon/fandom that I kind of really want to play with:
  • I started reading The Return of Bruce Wayne at the bookstore yesterday. SHRIEK. Batman gets hit with Omega Beams and ends up bouncing around from time period to time period. He gets transported to Colonial America along with a tentacular horror and the woman who saves him is chanting Lovecraftian incantations. I knew about the existence of this storyline, but it really is amazingly weird. Also apparently Bats is going to trigger the apocalypse? I haven't finished it yet, I don't know what's going on there, I just know there's a pirate Batman and that's hilarious.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us. What more can I say? Batman's super move involves running his opponent over with the Batmobile. It's beautiful. Plus Bruce is the leader of the insurgency in the mirror universe, because OF COURSE HE IS.
  • I found a Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne fic that involved Batman -- not Bruce, Batman -- spanking Tony Stark and I was like "ghjkljfkdsa WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT'S IN-CHARACTER," and then I remembered that that used to be fairly typical for Batman.
... Some of that I don't want to play with, but I do want to make everyone aware of its existence. BATS. LOL.

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Alfred: I think a break from Wayne Enterprises and crimefighting is in order. Perhaps a vacation. Golf?

Bruce: Sounds boring.

Alfred: The Bahamas?

Bruce: Hot and boring.
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Debi asked me for Bryce/Maggie, with "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through" for inspiration!

This ended up as more of a sketch than a real fic, but it gave me an excuse to write ladies cuddling, so I'm pleased.

I know you've got the ashes to prove it )
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 I spent mmmmmost of today playing Arkham City, after doing some work* this morning and taking a break to watch the debate in the evening.

I regret nothing~

Well, not entirely true, my eyes are a little fried from staring at screens all day. Tomorrow I will do non-screen things like laundry and cooking.

*DID I MENTION I AM EMPLOYED. Freelance not-even-part-time employed, but employed and doing something I am actually interested in and enthusiastic about! A family friend, who's "a noted molecular physicist" according to her website's bio, is composing and producing a ballet adaptation of Dante's Inferno, and has hired me to do website and Kickstarter design. The conversation about getting paid was great, because I said cheerfully, "This is so cool, I'd do it for free!" and she responded with "What? I'm sorry, what? You're not doing it for free." Thank you, Glenna, for saving me from myself.
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 Scenes from Chez Coffee is for Closers, starring me and Roommate Zoidberg.

Adiva: jkjklfdsa *laughing hysterically*
Adiva: so I'm downloading TDKR
Merc: yiiiis?
Adiva: and my torretn client keeps telling me I can stream it, so I keep trying to stream it, but it always ends up freezing
Adiva: but this time I got it to stream up through Bane's first few lines before it froze
Adiva: at which point [Zoidberg] poked his head into the living room and went
Adiva: ". . . Are you watching The Dark Knight Rises?"
Adiva: "Because I was sitting in my room and went 'Wait, I know that voice . . .'"
Adiva: And then we started talking about the movies and I said I'd only seen it once which is CLEARLY not acceptable
Adiva: and he pointed out that it's actually pretty much the same movie as The Dark Knight
Adiva: "Only Bane knows that the first movie happened!"
Adiva: "It's like if you bred the first two movies, you'd get Dark Knight Rises."
Merc: sfdlkfjlksdfj
Adiva: Me: "The thing is all of Nolan's movies are like that! Like, if you look at them too closely -- they're not very well written. It's a damn good thing Aaron Eckhart is as good an actor as he is, because otherwise his lines would just sound ridiculous. But they're so good thematically!"
 Adiva: [Zoidberg]: "Yeah, it's a great concept to do all three of them like that, it's just that they're all kind of the same movie."
Adiva: "It's like -- it's like a symphony!"
Adiva: "It's like the Goldberg Variations!"
Adiva: "That's it, Nolan is Bach, it all makes so much sense now."

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 Watching Roommate Zoidberg play Arkham City is almost as good as rewatching the Nolan films to get Bryce back in my brain. *happy* Hugo Strange! Snarky Alfred! Selina! And the whole completely ridiculous and quintessentially Gotham idea of "let's just put all the gangs in the city into the middle of the city, I'm sure that will work out perfectly well."

ETA: Also wow this is a kinky game. "I'm sorry I've been a bad kitty. Untie me and I'll make it up to you." I mean, not that anyone is surprised when Catwoman is kinky, but when Two-Face yells "Batman needs to be punished!" it's getting to be a little much, surely.
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And then I wrote more of Kat's all heaven in a rage-verse! (All previous installments can be found via her tag, here.) I don't even know, I felt like writing some vignettes or something.

I do not actually think there are any Dark Knight Rises spoilers in here? Everything it's drawing on is either pre-established in this AU or pre-established in the comic's mythology.

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All I want in life right now is fic about Jim Gordon and Phil Coulson hanging out.
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Also, oh my god, I cannot tell you how much better today was than the first day of last session. Everything went smoothly and nobody yelled at or scolded me and I didn't fuck anything up and I just. It is SUCH a relief.

AND I HAVE AN APARTMENT, AND [personal profile] remindmeofthe AND [personal profile] lienne AND [personal profile] innerbrat AND I FINISHED A PLOT, AND OH MY GOD GUYS TODAY HAS JUST BEEN REALLY GREAT SOMEHOW.
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jkljklfdsa oh my god [personal profile] remindmeofthe [Unknown site tag] if Bryce had any idea how many people Jim had killed she would beat him to shit on principle.

(I'm mostly sober by now but I drank a loooot tonight)
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 God I have so many feelings about so many little details of Batman Begins

ranging from the incredibly shallow (Cillian Murphyyyyyy in your sweater veeeeeeest and your narrow shouldeeeeers and jkljklfdsa Christian Bale your faaaaaace and your aaaaarms)

to the meta (father figures aaaaah)

to the RP considerations (Bruce Wayne hangs out in his house sitting on his floor in his bare feet! why does this fill me with such glee I don't get it. Also, Lucius Fox is taller than Bruce which is hilarious for some reason. And when Bruce is just hanging out with Alfred -- the closest he gets to just being purely himself -- he has this great dry sense of humor. "Well, at least we'll have spares." "Tell them that joke you know.")

(. . . Also there are multiple shots of Christian Bale with a round glowing light on his chest when he's working on the Batcave. Tell me that someone has already used this to make an Iron Batman video.)
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How I spent most of the first day of 2012, by Adiva Calandia, aged 23 and 1/6th.

Alfred Pennyworth is a lot of fun to write. So are tabloids.


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