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I done a vid!

Title: "It's the End of the World As We Know It"
Song: "It's the End of the World As We Know It," REM
Fandom: Heroes

Streaming at YouTube and iMeem. (But iMeem claims I don't have Flash enabled, so it won't let me watch it there. *frowns* Weird.)

Embedded here for your convenience! )
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Roomie: He likes blondes!
Me: And he's an asshole!

Evidently Nicholas D'Agosto has a type. (Poor Nicholas D'Agosto. He's not a bad actor, he just always chooses awful characters.)

(I am very much enjoying watching roomie get more and more into SPN. We've working on "Asylum," clearly, and we've made through everything up to now except "Bugs," which we skipped because it's an awful episode and she doesn't like bugs.)

It should be noted that this is the first time I've ever watched "Asylum" with my eyes open through the whole thing so I am seeing ALL KINDS OF FUN THINGS that I have never seen before. *flails*
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Mailed my ballot. I wish I had a sticker that says "I Voted Today!" That would be sweet.

For the record, while I think the latest Daily Show was hilarious ("What the pfuck?"), I was not so pleased with the Wasilla segment. Mostly I was embarrassed -- way to shake the stereotype, guys -- but mostly I was annoyed -- way to see my home state derided on national TV. WOOHOO.

Ah, well. It'll all be over soon.

In totally unrelated news: Would anyone be interested in giving me some feedback on a (mostly finished) Heroes vid?
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Holy shit.

I'm gonna be 20 on Tuesday.


My birthday present to me thus far has been my Tenth Doctor costume, which has so far come in at just under $20 -- not counting the sonic screwdriver I ordered with gift cards from last birthday.

Unrelatedly! Sarah Palin not only officially abused her power in getting State Trooper Mike Wooten fired, she was just really bad at that whole political machination thing.

(Anyone else think Wooten looks kind of like Greg Grunberg? Almost makes me feel sorrier for him, until I remind myself that he admitted to tasing his ten-year-old son "in a training capacity." Oh -- wait -- shit -- that's kind of like being an idiot and practicing your telepathic mind control powers on your ten-year-old adoptive daughter! Shit! Mike Wooten is Matt Parkman!)

Private message to [ profile] walksbyherself: <33333333333

OTP? omgtheirloveissomisogynisticallynamed!
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For the record:

I am way too amused by the image of Sylar eating ice cream in "Landslide." Hysterical giggles every time. EVERY TIME.

Om nom nom ice cream.

PS: Zachary Quinto has pretty eyelashes. Just puttin' that one out there.

PPS: My God, I just realized I'm probably taking the exact same Speech class ZQ did. From the same teacher.

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Vidding question. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing stuttering clips? I tried removing the first few frames to see if they were the offenders, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

Or is this just an inevitable consequence of being cheap and using Windows Movie Maker?


Once again, there are a number of sections of this vid that I find frigging hilarious and that no one else will probably catch at all. >.> I should do liner notes or something.
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I figure it's a good thing if a moment of my own vid makes me laugh hysterically. Nobody else may think it's funny, but I sure as hell do.
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Tonight's Very Important Question:

If there is not already a vid of Peter Petrelli to "Purpose" from Avenue Q, why on earth not?

I really should get .avis of Heroes. (Because I still kind of really want to make a vid to "It's the End of the World As We Know It," pretty much purely so I can synch the line birthday party cheesecake jellybean boom with Sylar. *cough*) And I should watch the rest of s2 -- I read the TWoP recaps of the last few eps that I hadn't seen, and it sounded like it didn't suck as much as I was afraid it was going to when I stopped watching right before "Four Months Ago."
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Zachary Quinto is enormous and I am tiny. )

I can't believe I BLINKED. DAMMIT.

So it turns out he was here to talk up not only registering to vote -- always good -- but to talk up Obama, as well. Doubleplus good, amirite? He talked for about half an hour, ended saying that he'd written the speech just a few days ago and it had felt like being "back in the computer lab at 3 AM," then answered some questions. I asked how he got involved in the campaign in the first place, and he made eye contact with me the whole time he was answering. One person asked if he was politically active in college, and he said "Uh, no -- I was a drama student, so I was drama-active," which made me facepalm because, well, yeah. "I was more interested in Shakespeare than politics."

Then, after some announcements from the campus Obama group, he said "Okay, let's just chill."

Which meant him being mobbed by fans, of course. Best moment? One fangirl getting to the front of the crowd and hugging him. He blushed. He's so adorkable in his big glasses when he's just talking, and he has -- as we all know -- a very charming smile, but in all the pictures he made that Srs Bsns face you see above. He took the time to chat a little with most people as he was signing stuff.

When it got to me, I didn't have a pen or anyone to take the picture, so I had to borrow a pen and ask the girl behind me to work the camera. He shook my hand -- good handshake -- and asked my name. "[Name]," I said, "but can you sign it to Beth?"

Everyone burst out laughing. OH NO, I thought, THAT SOUNDED CREEPY. "It's for a friend from UPitt," I said, thinking I was so smooth, "who couldn't be here today."

"Oh, I'm going over there next," he said, but he was already signing, so whatever.

Zachary Quinto's signature, on the other hand, is not enormous, although it is blurry. )

Then the pen ran out of ink. Luckily, someone was standing by with a (different color) one, so all was well. Then I got my photo, thanked him for coming, and left. There were eight billion questions I wanted to ask him, about working with Simon Pegg (he's the only other new Trek actor I know) and Kristen Bell and the 24 crew, about coming back to his hometown as a celebrity, about using his celebrity to affect change, about whether his Drama profs had given him lectures about using his celebrity to affect change the way mine are, about playing Sylar . . . but the people in front of me had been complaining about people chatting with him for so long, so I figured getting in and out was the better part of valor. Even if it wasn't quite as awesome.

And I didn't shriek until I got into the elevator in my dorm.


A million billion thank yous to [ profile] miruvix for being my price of admission and making me feel less like a horrific geeky fangirl. <3!

PS: I heard him say to someone, apparently in response to a question about Heroes, that "the next installment is called 'Villains,' so. Yeah, villains! *enthused*"

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, unless you didn't.


Mar. 20th, 2008 01:02 pm
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I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I knew given enough time this would happen.

I HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE UNREGISTERED. I can't register to vote in PA, I'll lose my student loans and my permanent fund dividend. And I guess if I can't find someone unregistered, I'll have to show up at 4:45 and wait around afterwards and try to get a picture and be like "HI, ZACHARY QUINTO. Will you sign this thing for my friend (formerly) at UPitt who couldn't be here today? :DDDD ALSO HERE HAVE A PAPER PENGUIN."

Or something along those lines. FUCK, I DON'T KNOW. HOLY CRAP, GUYS.

Suddenly every cool thing in the WORLD is happening at once. Kate Bornstein is gonna be at UPitt next week; I was just told today about the Rhodopi Theatre Collective, which creates theatrical pieces based on myths every summer in the mountains of Bulgaria, around Thrace; I'm trying to make mp3s to audition for Buffy Between the Lines; and ZACH QUINTO is going to be here tomorrow. I just. Holy crap.

And I don't have work this afternoon, so I have a few hours where I can either do fun stuff or responsible stuff, or both!, while I have energy.
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Title: Understanding
Fandom: Heroes
Pairings: West/Claire, I guess? Kind of?
Rating: PG
Notes: Continuity is my bitch. But, um, apparently this is sometime between 2.03 and 2.06. So. Yes. Potential spoilers up through those eps.

( He was the only person there who understood what it was like to be different. )
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Most important part of tonight's Heroes, before I forget:

Heroes 2.06: The Line )

I really like Heroes' ability to do thematic eps -- and title them appropriately. BtVS does it sometimes, but Heroes is a lot more consistent.
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Honestly? I spent a lot of time looking at my watch this ep, but I think I'm just antsy.

Heroes 2.05: I Missed The Title Screen. )
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Y'all know I'm right.
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Heroes 3.03: Kindred )

There was something Milliways related in the ep tonight that made me cackle, but now I can't remember what it was.
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Mohinder: I've got a theory
It's evolution!
Advancing humans--
No, something isn't right there

Sylar: I've got a theory
For revolution!
Because so many waste their gifts
Because they don't care!

Isaac: I've got a theory
What my power's for.
It's getting eerie --
It's all clearly
Laid out on my floor.

Matt: It could be useful!
Mind-reading's useful!
'Cause then I know what my wife's thinking and I know that she's been cheating and she's pregnant but I love her and on second thought I guess this kinda sucks.

Peter: I've got a theory
That it's my future!

Nathan: I've got a theory--

Peter: I'm not just a nut like everybody's suggesting!
I'll fly and heal -- once Claude is done with his testing--
But blowing up New York: is that Sylar or me?
It must be one of us!
. . . Or maybe Ted Sprague?

Mr. Bennet: I've got a theory
We should stop this fast

Mrs. Petrelli: Because we really
Need you, dearie

Hiro: We must change the past!

Claire: I've got a theory:
It doesn't matter.
So what if Sylar's out to get me?
I'll make it, with all of my fam'ly
Adoptive dad
Or Uncle Pete
It's not so bad
If we can meet

Peter, Sylar, Mr. Bennet: What can't we face if we've got Claire here?
We can control things going nuclear.

All: We have to try!
No ifs or buts.
It's do or die--

Peter and Claire: Hey, we've died lots!

All: It's just like Hiro said we must do:

Sylar and Peter: (What can't I do?)

All: Save the cheerleader, save the world, too

Peter and Sylar: (Will I go nuclear?)

All: There's nothing we can't face--

Ando: Except the future . . .


Peter: I've got a theory
Nathan's on my side
It's kind of queer, he
Pulled me near and
Said it'd be all right
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Real quick Heroes post before I go do homework:

Alejandro and Maya in 2.02 )

I like having people speaking in Spanish and at least being able to understand a lot of it, although without subtitles I'd probably lose a third.


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