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On Doctor Who 4.12: The Stolen Earth )

Um, in other news, I have the place more or less to myself for the next ten days. Including the car. Turns out driving around by yourself is fun!
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I think a 19-ft RV could handle those suckers, in any case.

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Oof. Ever have one of those days where you feel like you spent the whole day with your foot in your mouth? Yeah. I think I have sock caught in my teeth.

Some nice driving today, though. The long straight stretches of the Sterling Highway on the Kenai Peninsula, especially headed northeast into the mountains, when the road dwindles to a vanishing point ahead and young birch trees and spruce, not so tall that they block the sky, creep up to the edge of the road, and ahead of you are mountains . . . it makes it hard to imagine living anywhere else. God, I love my state.

I spent some time while I was driving today actually listening to the lyrics, because I haven't written poetry in a long while and I'm never really been able to write songs, as much as I would like to. I was thinking about how Vienna Teng writes songs, and listened to things like "Narcolepsy" and "All Will Be Well" and "Such Great Heights" that way, as reactions to real life events and feelings -- and then on came "Icarus' Sister" and "Is The Spirit Here" and I reminded myself that sometimes it's storytelling. Either way, it seems to me sort of like drabble writing. You have a prompt, a person or concept or image you want to explore, and somehow you get a song out of it (of course, they you have, say, Heavy Trash, who are in it for the sound, not the lyrics. Different kettle of fish).

I started thinking of people I would like to write songs about, but didn't get very far in what sort of music they would be. I know a couple people who would have to be slow, smooth lounge singer jazz songs, lots of double bass and saxophone; some people who would be strummed guitar, bar chords, quick and upbeat with simple chord progressions, like early Beatles or Bob Dylan, probably with lyrics that sounded equally quick and upbeat but were dripping with irony.

I would be a piano piece, I know that. I would like to be a Regina Spektor song, but I think it's more likely I'm only a Regina Spektor song in sound, and more a Tori Amos or Vienna Teng or Paul Simon in lyrics. Or is that giving myself too much credit for complexity? No, I think I could be a Paul Simon song.
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I am in . . . oh, crap, I do know the name of this place, I swear, it's just slipped my mind. Well, it's about ten minutes away from Longview, so I'll call it Longview until corrected.

We're staying at my uncle's house, and he lacks wireless, so I'll be spending tonight watching SPN eps (probably not a fantastic plan, but la, do I care?) and maybe re-watching S&A (since it's in my threadz and my flistz).

While my uncle lacks wireless, he possesses a motorcycle, and I kind of really really really want to ask him to teach me to ride. I haven't run this past my parents yet, of course. >.>

Drove the freeway today and successfully passed a number of trucks at 70 mph, and managed to only cut one person off. Of course, it was a semi and outweighed me by several tons, and cutting him off was probably a very very bad idea, but nobody died, so it's okay.

Finally, I give you LOLGenesis, from the lovely [ profile] sanguine_zephyr.
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Okay, this weekend I slept a LOT, but going to bed at 1 last night and getting up at 6:30 has clearly undone the good of that. Bah. I will go to bed at eleven or before tonight.

And I'll let Dad drive this morning.

My iPod is behaving badly; it froze up to the point where it wouldn't let me reset it. I was forced to just let the battery die a natural death, and I'm not sure that fixed the problem. I'm sure it's not good for it. iTunes has also been annoying lately.

Holy crap, my little fandom has wank. Can't we all just agree that DWJ is awesome and go back to analyzing Fire & Hemlock?
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Well! That was an enjoyable and successful drive around the city. I changed lanes safely and even smoothly, I parked well, and except for that one minor incident where I hit the accelerator instead of the brake while approaching a stop sign in front of a major arterial, I never came close to hitting anything.

I joke because if I couldn't laugh, I would never get behind the wheel of a car again.

We also looked at laptops; the two I liked both weighed about five lbs, which is not that much less than my current one. *sigh* I could hardly care less about specs and dual-core processing and stuff -- I just want a laptop that won't make my shoulder's ache if I carry it around.
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Exciting stuff of the day!

  • My sister's boyfriend got a job with GOOGLE. GOOGLE. How awesome is that?

  • I signed up for Facebook a couple days ago on the urging of a cast member for Anne of Green Gables, and have managed to track down an astonishing number of people from Alaska, and from CMU pre-college! My Lighting Design teacher from the summer -- a very cool grad student who taught one of my favorite classes -- got in touch, and tells me that at least three of the other pre-college Tech kids will be going to school at CMU (probably in Design/Tech; they were all much more certain of what they wanted to do than I was). And not just any three , but three of the coolest! So I'm super pleased.

    . . . And holy crap I just found my roomie from the summer and she's doing Dramaturgy there too EEEEE. COLLEGE. OLD FRIENDS. I AM SO EXCITED.

    As long as I'm Facebooking, should I look up any of you? *grin*

  • I drove with Dad out to get coffee, and back, and he floated the idea of me taking the car out by myself and just driving around to get a feel for the town. Him, not me. Mwahaha, INDEPENDENCE.
And now I'm heading over to a friend's house to watch a few eps of SPN s2, and then I have another show tonight (I should really get pictures . . .). Good day.
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Went driving with Dad in the RV. V. stressful. It's only gonna be worse with Mom in the car, too, unless I get better fast.

Got an echocardiogram, which went fine, so that at least is good, and then I went and got a blood draw, a failed attempt at a PPD, and a successful attempt at a PPD, and then we went and got coffee which is also good, and I didn't get any thank-you letters written today because I was busy being hormonal and stressed and poked at, and I'm still hormonal and stressed, but not being poked at anymore.

In other news: The play I'm stage managing this summer? Anouilh's Antigone. Which, yes, is the translation [ profile] buriedmybrother is from.

Adiva: I hope we get a good Antigone.
Adiva: I'll spend the whole time being like "She would totally get it on with girls, guys."
Adiva: "But she's with Haemon, Adiva."
Merc: ahahahahahaha
Adiva: "No! She's crazy! It would work!"
Adiva: ". . . just call the show, Adiva."
Merc: *dead*
Adiva: "Okay. :("

Heroes 1.20: Five Years Gone )

Heroes 1.21: The Hard Part )
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Guess who passed her driver's test today.

[insert victory chairdancing here]
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I learned how to parallel park today, and whoo am I tired now. I think I got a little road hypnotized, and I don't get coffee today. Stoopid asthma meds.

There was a 2-alarm fire downtown that still hasn't been extinguished; no injuries.

There was talk of going to Pirates after karate, but I haven't heard back from the other person yet. Nnf. Nap first, then I'll try to figure out what's going on.
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So I had COFFEE and then went DRIVING and after you've gone 65 mph on the highway 25 is REALLY SLOW WTF a week ago 25 was a NIGHTMARE.

I am a little hyped on caffiene, yes. >.> Which is exhibiting as enthusiastic allcaps and, as soon as my cell phone is charged up, equally enthusiastic voice-posts of a singing variety.

Driving is still scary -- at some point I went "Oh, hey, pretty much my entire left side is tensed up." -- but less so. Butch has many many opinions and shares them non-stop, but mostly they're not annoying so it's okay. I thought there was something about being Christian and going to heaven? But I was merging at the time, so I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying except for the "Speed up" bits.

Also he said "Oh, yeah, she'll have her license by Thursday," to my dad, and I went :D! So. Yes. Good mood.

Mmmmcaffiene. This icon is getting a lot of use lately.
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So, my driving lessons with the intriguingly named Butch have been moved from 3:30 in the afternoon for the next four days, to 8 AM. FUN.

Long day, not enough to eat, I'm tired but less cranky than I was half an hour ago. OH and I got an idea for an OOM, so I'll write that up before going to bed early in preparation for driving.

(Why no, I'm not terrified in the least little bit, why do you ask? Oh, the hyperventilating? No, that's just . . . 'cause . . . I'm asthmatic. Yep.)

The first hymn we sang at church today was called "This Day God Gives Me," to the tune of "Morning Has Broken." Check out the lyrics. I was GRINNING, man.
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I've now driven around the neighborhood twice without hitting any parked cars or pedestrians, or being hit by any trucks, and I've gone out by the airport, taken the car up to 35 mph, and avoided being hit by any semis or cars, and hitting any bikers (narrowly, on a couple occasions. Er. But always avoided!).

I begin to see a little bit why people consider driving such fun, but I'm still more nervous behind the wheel than I am enjoying myself. I want to live somewhere with decent public transit. Or where I can bike year-round, that'd work too. Or both!

In other news, heaven save me from my hormones. *facepalm* The guy who played Benedick in the West production is in the summer program I'm interning for. He's one of those attractive-and-knows-it, inveterately flirtatious manhos (he'd use the term to describe himself, I have no doubt, so I have no qualms using it) that I have a terrible tendency to fall head over heels in crush over. And I get to spend all of July seeing him every day.

I'm torn between giggling gleefully like a schoolgirl, and groaning in horror. Either way, it'll be a fun July.


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