Jan. 16th, 2012

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Strange anxiety dreams: I had a dream last night that I drove a school bus into a hallway of an elementary school and got it stuck there. And night before last I had a dream involving trying to catch a semi-magical pest called a selkirk that looked like a neon blue mouse. (That one was actually kind of entertaining, even though it was very intense; I remember yelling "You bastarding shrew!" at the thing.)
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I have another hour to kill at work; it doesn't look like bosslady will be coming in. I'm working on a press release, but I kind of want to be doing something more interesting

So clearly it's time for commentfic, right?

Comment with a couple of characters and a song and I will drabble for you.

My current fandoms include my old standbys -- Young Wizards, Greek mythology, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland in various adaptations, Hamlet, RP -- and right now I am also all about Nolanverse Batman. I'm waaaay behind on most other continuing canons (Doctor Who, Supernatural (because I broke up with them in s5)) but I can always give them a shot!

ETA: Also, am I too late for this meme?

ETA2: So late to the party, but here, have my current headvoice roster.


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