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Scrapbook is being kind of buggy, but I managed to get pictures of my [HOMESTUCK SPOILER for anyone who hasn't seen the End of Act 5] costume up!

You will notice a distinct lack of hood, for aforementioned reasons involving the fact that my "hood" was actually a shirt and no matter what I did I was afraid it just looked like I was wearing a shirt on my head. You will also notice a distinct lack of ears, which I have no excuse for except that I pulled this together at 6 PM yesterday and I am proud of myself just for having a shirt with the right symbol on it.

You cannot see in this picture, but my tights are properly striped, although in gray and black rather than white and black. Alas, I lack ruby slippers, so I'm making do with black ballet flat-style shoes. Possibly tomorrow I will go hunt down the missing parts of all this.

I got asked at the theatre open house by one of the kids I taught over the summer "What're you supposed to be?" When I said "I'm a witch! :D" he immediately rattled off accusingly, "Where's your hat? Where's your broom? Where's your green skin? Where's your nose? Where's your funny tooth?"

"Who says a witch has to have all that?"

"Me!" Promptly followed by making fingerguns and shooting at me.

"Why do you get to decide?"

". . . I dunno." A beat, then, like he was remembering what you're supposed to say in these situations, "I like your costume." And then he gave me a hug.

Ten year old boys are a trial.
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