Aug. 13th, 2015

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This summer I keep meeting people who are incredibly self-assured (and younger than me) and are kind of dicks as a result. I have to go run errands before work so I don't have time to unpack this to my satisfaction, but there are these people who fall somewhere on the spectrum of thinking they're all that and a bag of chips, and they're actually all that but not the chips, or in some cases they're just that. You know?

In every case I suspect that their loud self-assurance is covering insecurity -- in one case I have it confirmed, in another I'm not sure -- so I try to remind myself to be sympathetic. I'm insecure too! But my insecurity usually manifests as self-deprecation and people-pleasing. That's not necessarily good, but I do think it's better than insult comedy.

(I also keep meeting people who are like "Firefly is the best show ever" and I'm like "okay we can be friends because you are somewhat conversant with SFF pop culture but I need to watch what I say around you." Which is really to say, I miss the days when I also though FF was the best show ever and had less awareness of its flaws.)


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