Aug. 3rd, 2016

adiva_calandia: (Drink of CHAMPIONS)
Couple of vivid dreams this morning, one involving going back to college and seeing a bunch of my classmates. (Kyle R was in there, Ben F was in there, Arya was in there, I think Kaleigh might've been in there.)

More interesting was the hypnopompic dream where a female figure was standing behind the head of my bed, reaching down to touch me on the chest. I woke up enough to jerk my arm through where her arm ought to be, and was aware I couldn't touch her, so I asked (thought?) "Are you a ghost?" Then I fell back to sleep enough for the dream to move to a stairwell, where the female figure was sitting with a black fox. The fox moved away from her and it turned out its body was made of/like those expandable tissue paper decorations -- like the tissue paper Chinese dragons? -- so when it moved its head and front legs expanded away from its hindquarters and did this sinuous thing. Very Miyazaki. Then the fox appeared right next to me and put its chin on my shoulder, and the female figure said, "Yes, the Ghost of Christmas Past," and then I woke up for good.

I have joked in the past about this apartment being haunted, buuuuut.


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